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We Are Defined by Our Actions, Not Our Words. Instant Gratification

ReptilianThroughout the ages, many have wondered what drives a person to do what he does, despite his culture, the way he was brought up or his environment.

Why does a person act against his own believes and against common sense in a society?

We, as humans, are governed by two different parts. It is the instinctual or reptilian part, and then is the rational part.
The reptilian part governs our primal instincts, our instant gratification.

A moment’s pleasure.

Back in the primitive and tribal times, people used to guide their lives towards instant gratification rewards.
They had no fridge, so whatever food they had, they would consume it at that moment.
They had no laws, so if there was anything they liked, they took it.
Had they had the chance to quickly have sex and perpetuate the species. the man would then jump onto the woman and more or less, rape her – to a small degree of satisfaction on her part for being “taken off her feet”.

That’s the part that has to do with being an animal, which humans are.
But humans are also more than that.
Or so I naively think we should be 🙂

Because we are humans and not mere animals, we

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The Communion of Soul Mates – Who, What, When and Where

G_031_AdamGiacomo Casanova said: “Alas for those who think that the pleasure of Venus is worth anything, unless it comes from two hearts which love each other and which are in perfect concord!”

Since the first documented writings of humans, the idea of soul mates has been expressed in various ways and under different forms.

The communion between male and female polarities has always been attributed to great self-awakening and a steep and quick way to spiritual evolution.

They come hand in hand, for you see, via the yin and yang communion the selves become complete.
It is easier to work in a team than to work alone.
The Androgyne represents this very communion of Soul Mates which describes a person of both genders: both female and male.
It is not however the idea presented in today’s world where people tend to change their sexes or where the chemicals and hormones in foods lead to sexual indeterminacy among the population.

The Androgyne myth talks about the female and male polarities becoming one.
Adam was originally a complete man with both female and male polarities.
It is said that God decided to separate these two polarities via the removal of Adam’s rib and create his female counterpart.

It is the duality of spirit and emotions that took birth at the formation of Eve.
Whether it was the true God, which I highly doubt, or some higher dimension intervention to experiment on Man, the result was devastating, leading to the fall of Man, as described in many ancient tablets and writings.

While self-improvement and spiritual evolution can be achieved alone, by doing it together with your soul mate will only ease up the process and make it more natural – the way it was meant to.
Doing it on your own will probably incur additional reincarnations on your part, since the cycle can never be complete until the individual has become one with his female counterpart, and male counterpart respectively.
But finding your soul mate is not an easy process, especially in a society which promotes promiscuity and self-exploration (if you know what i mean).
People are led astray in believing that sleeping around with hundreds of people will earn them anything more than accumulation of residual energies and emotional distress and addiction.

Past cultures and civilizations where not making it easier either, for the soul mates rarely had the chance to meet and live a life of harmony, love and spiritual practice due to the arranged marriages that took place.

If hundreds of years ago people had no choice in who they were supposed to be together with, nowadays people are presented with the illusion of free choice.

This ability of actually being able to choose who you will be with cannot be used properly because from a young age, people have been bombarded with promiscuity and all sorts of hidden agenda to destroy this sacred communion of soul mates.

As difficult as it might be to find your soul mate, it is so much harder to actually stay with him/her.
Temptation is at every turn and the notion of soul mate will quickly be replaced only with ideas of sex and sexual attraction.
Sexual attraction is a key element to develop magnetism towards soul mates, but it is not the only one, and if you fall into the trap of choosing a partner solely based on this factor, you will end up miserable and unable to lead a happy life.

Who is your soul mate, how can we spot him or her?

Do you know that expression that opposites attract each other?
Well that is only available in physics and for magnets.
As human beings, we attract that which we are.
Similar people will always stick together.

It is not that easy to identify this communion of soul mates, especially when we have been desensitized to the natural ability of love and creating a connection with another human being.
Love and connection does not produce income for the society, so there is no point in promoting it.
Even so, when you do meet your soul mate, the energy between you two will be unstoppable.
You will feel drawn to each other from the very second you meet.
Not only will there be sexual attraction but also an intellectual and spiritual connection as well.

You will feel as if you’ve met your partner before and that you’ve known each other for a very long time.
You can just be yourself from the first time you meet and acceptance on both parts will be involuntary and beautiful.

But sometimes, this electric attraction will lack from one of the meant to be soul mates.
It can happen for a lot of reasons, one being the process of brainwashing that he or she has been exposed to during their early years: education, parenting, TV, friends etc.

So by no means, I am not telling you to not explore with several partners until you have discovered your soul mate.
I am just saying that you should be selective and to take your time. Do not throw yourself in the bed of sex, desire and emotions with the first come.

Also, a little bit of exploration will also make you sure of your soul mate when you meet them.
You will compare and you will realise he or she is the one.

What is the driving aspect of finding a soul mate?

Do not confuse desperation of getting married, of not being single or the “old itch” with the communion of soul mates.
Those are primal instincts of reproduction which mother earth have programmed into us to facilitate the continuity of our species.
We are well beyond that point and besides the fact that we are already over 7 billion people on the planet, reproducing just to satisfy the primal urge, brings us closer to animals, and further away from being humans.

The real and pure driving aspect of finding a soul mate is based on many other planes, besides the natural instinct ones.
If you just want to live the dream presented on TV, adverts, news and magazines, forget about it.

This is about fulfilling a deeper need. A need of become whole.
It’s the need that tells you to find something, to find someone. To go and travel to a specific place by instinct. To go and take a specific course in French or Arts.
It’s the drive that tells you that freedom awaits the moment you meet your soul mate.

For you see, the communion of soul mates leads to freedom, and both of you will involuntarily respect this freedom.

When can you expect to meet your soul mate?

You can either meet him/her now, you could have met him/her in the past or anytime in the near future or during your the next life .

The time of meeting your soul mate depends on your state of evolution.
Before coming to earth, both of you had a pre-set plan in which both of you should meet when you meet some specific requirements: be it career, passions, spirituality, health or fitness.
Chances are that you will be derailed from reaching that particular goal that will lead you into the arms of your soul mate.
So it may never happen.

It all has to be at the right time and place for the communion of soul mates to happen.

Where can we expect to meet our soul mate?

Look to your right.
It could be him/her.

It could be your neighbour, your class mate, your co-worker.
Your soul mate could be waiting for you in Australia if you have so decided beforehand to meet.

It is all about that deep intuition which guides you via your higher consciousness to go and visit specific places around the world.
The feeling of longing to a different country, the depression in one place and the ecstasy in another place are all signs of your higher consciousness telling you to move your butt out of the house, city, country or continent.
Even if you won’t find your soulmate overseas, you are still in a win-win situation if you go traveling.
By exploring different cultures and lifestyles, you will evolve. You will become a better version of yourself.
Chances are that when you come back home, you will be on par with your potential soul mate who maybe lives just right down the street from your house.

It is no coincidence that recently people have never felt emptier, depressed and without a meaning in life, other than work and money.
It is time to admit to ourselves and to realise that the communion of soul mates is the key to happiness and spiritual prosperity.
Keep your eyes opened and grow as much as you can. Happiness is just right around the corner or at 7000 km.

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Miss Universe, Miss Ego-Verse

miss universe

“Miss Universe is the ultimate form of egotism in society, spreading ideas of a set ideal standard of beauty, closely being followed by millions of people around the world.”

The manifestation of Ego comes in many forms.

From people boosting that they are intellectuals, and smart to those guys that never hesitate to add their titles such as Dr. Honoris Causa on their foreheads up to their gold plated tomb graves where the title is more prominent than even their names.

But nothing comes closer to the absolute manifestation of Egotism than those that praise their looks.
The reason to why I am writing this article as we speak is just a follow-up on a short video someone sent me today.

It’s the Miss Universe 2015 video on Youtube.

Having seen a video of this competition for the first time, I was shocked to realise the beautiful competitors being in such a state of shock.

With their eyes watering and their whole bodies trembling at the announcement of who is the most beautiful woman in the world, they are really “living the dream” of almost any girl on planet earth, as well as a small percentage of “men” who haven’t yet decided what their sexual orientation is.

It is unfortunate because nowadays, people, especially the young ones tend to feed on what others think of them.
That innocent selfie number #119 of this month is just a request or should I say a plea of begging from others to confirm once again whether they are beautiful or not.
Should the number of likes not cross a certain threshold, we will then have a small drama in the girl’s life.

This is the absolute identification

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El Camino de Santiago Experience – The Way


Flying to cities and sleeping in hotels gives you a luxurious life-style. Walking your way to cities and sleeping on church floors and hostels gives you depth and an inner journey to yourself.

(Post-Camino) Vlad

There are those few things in life that any man or woman has to absolutely do.
One of those bucket-list experiences has to be without a doubt, The Camino de Santiago experience.

Having returned from this long walk just 2 days ago, I will share with you the powerful experiences and challenges that I faced during my time on the Camino.

The Camino de Santiago experience actually translates from Spanish as the Way / Path to Santiago de Compostela (compostela=field of stars).

After a seriously tough time, mentally, spiritually and professionally, the opportunity to do the Camino presented itself.
I decided to try and see if it would help bring clarity into my mind and receive at least a few answers from the big list of questions I have always pondered on.

Being a guy who preferred direct flights to cities and who enjoyed the luxurious comforts of a hotel, the Camino de Santiago Experience was quite a challenge.

With a 12 kilo backpack, a good friend, sports shoes, a bottle of water and determination I embarked on the trip that would change the way I see life.

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3 Primary Reasons for Dissatisfaction and Unhappiness

depressioneditedI remember a day. The day that I took the decision to move away and give up everything.
Job, girlfriend, friends. Everything.
The following period was a time of Ignorance, Sense of Loss of “my possessions” and eventually hate towards the things I, personally and voluntary, gave up.

The levels of Dissatisfaction and Unhappiness peaked record levels and I soon plunged into the darkness and never-ending abyss of depression.

These negative and conflicting emotions that govern the lives of most of us have long since roamed the lands of earth, created a vicious circle for dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

These 3 poisons, how the Buddhist like to call it, go hand in hand and will do their “best” to bring you down.

The 3 negative emotions I am about to share with you are so common that you are probably being influence by them as you are reading my article. Hell! I am while writing this article.

What happens when one can detach himself from emotions and be the observant? Total bliss happens.

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Desiderata – Or How to Have a Balanced Life

have-a-balanced-lifeMost of us wonder how to have a balanced life.
Life is like a Harp. It is composed of strings hooked up to a frame.
You can think of these strings as the elements that make your life full, complete, just as each string makes the harp a harmonious musical instrument.

You have to tune each of the strings in order to have a harp which sounds harmoniously when you play it.
Same with the important elements in your life. It is extremely important to work on and with the elements which govern your life, if you want to live harmoniously, a soul which sings to you in the most beautiful way possible.

These elements that you plan on tuning can be the following: Relationships, Career, Passions, Hobbies, Money, Friends, Reading, Travelling, Learning, Understanding, Being Spiritual, Thinking outside of the box, Being Aware, Nutrition, Healthy Life&Style etc. You get the point. Some of them are directly presented on Interview with Your Consciousness.

If you want to have a balanced life

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All I Am Is A Cacophony of Memetic Engineering

engineerfacebookEverything that composes that which I believe myself to be;
a cacophony of memetic imagery;
archetypes, conditioning, programming;
of words, utterances and sounds;
vibrations and frequencies;
a dazzling array of hues and variations of light –
All of these things are distractions;
A lotus eater machine designed to capture my attention;
stealing my focus away towards some grand, fascinating illusion.

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Daily Practices for a Spiritual Life


A great philosopher once said: “The endeavour to persist in its own being is the essence of the individual thing.” But when the day comes that the mind and body will be separated… what will happen to the soul?

As promised in my previous article, The Spiritual Path in Modern Times, I have gathered and put together a list of essential daily practices for a Spiritual Life to come in handy in these crazy yet interesting times we are living in.

There is no need to crowd your mind up by trying to incorporate all of them at the same time in your day to day life.
Start with a few, then slowly add more from the list and eventually you will be able to alternate these practices to give you the best combination for the best results.

These are gathered from various Buddhist and Spiritual books with the aim of making every living situation part of your spiritual practice.

You can be living the spiritual practice, instead of just doing it by following the next list of “to-do” activities, with details on how to do them easily found on Interview with Your Consciousness articles:


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From the Earth to the Moon

EarthmooneditedI remember a sunny day last summer when I was sitting down in a cold breeze by River Thames and I was reading ” From the Earth to the Moon ” by Jules Verne.
While surfing through the pages and quenching my thirst for words, a slim but tall silhouette took shape right in front of my eyes. It was a young girl, taking her young as well dog for a walk.

A certain hesitation was betrayed by her body language but nevertheless she sat down next to me and pretended as if she was looking after something in the far horizon.

“You will have to be more convincing than that if you are going to pretend you are ignoring me.” – I said.

She smiled and with her long and delicate arm held the leash of her puppy dog who was becoming impatient and wanted to run.
With another hesitant voice, she murmured something: “From the Earth to the Moon” – brings back old memories – last year of university you know!

She continued: “How is it that you can sit here alone and not get bored? Yes I know you are reading, but still?”

“I could sit in my room and do the same sort of activity but then again I wouldn’t enjoy the sun at all and as you can see, I am not sitting alone anymore!”
Waving off as if she didn’t even hear my last remark, she couldn’t help herself but giggle.

“Michele!” – she said with a decisive voice this time.

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The Spiritual Path in Modern Times


What did the Dalai Lama say to the New York hot dog vendor?
“Make me one with everything.”

In a world where every second counts in order to either make money, consume something or stare at your phone, you find yourself wondering what is all of this for? Is this true happiness or am I just painting a rotten wall for the time being?

How many of you have ever wondered what does it take to attain a certain state which grants you constant and deep happiness, makes you less prone to outside suffering and allows you to realise we are all part of something bigger?

Many dwell on the perfect situation where they can start living the life the way it was meant to. The life which follows the spiritual path.

However, we all live in a perpetual active world around us where things always poke at us and take all of our time.
This would surely make one beg the question:

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What is Consciousness ?

Lucid 1255Dreams

“Consciousness is that one element which makes us all different one from another.
It is that which makes one ignorant, opened minded, hater of life or embracer of happiness.”

The first thing that comes into mind when thinking about Consciousness is the state of being Conscious. Being aware of the environment around you, of the air that you breathe, the taste of the food that you eat or the sounds that you hear; listening to your inner voice and having a profound understanding for your interlocutor. Or just simply: being aware of yourself.

What is consciousness more exactly?

Consciousness however, relates to all of the above – and it embodies a general personal state of being. You could consider

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