Introduction to the process of Desocializing


At a glance you might think that this category is similar to the Free Thinking category here on Interview with Your Consciousness. Similar? No. Related? Yes.
As previously mentioned the articles will come hand in hand to reveal what we are actually looking for. You can’t start being a free thinker or thinking outside of the box unless you have started to tap into the desocializing process – as I like to call it. Free thinking uses your higher consciousness to access information that you never thought would be available to you and it allows you to think with your own brain – the perfect birth gift that nature has intended for us.

How it all started for me? Quite simple. I could start telling you a story about how one certain event changed my life or how I met this amazing mentor that guided me. You could even go further and think that I had a revelation dream one night and I started to see things around me differently.

I will keep you interest up until the next article when I will reveal how simple and quite accidentally I started to wake up.

Desocializing will no doubt cover the aspects of how to break free of society’s chains and how to be alongside or even ahead the society’s pace. Not with it or inside it. Imagine running alongside society and waving at everyone inside this bubble. Waving at everyone with a 9:00 – 17:00 job, or someone whose life and dedication is to research some scientific aspect of one particular idea or someone who is so passionate about football that they dedicate their life to playing, watching, cheering, buying and drinking for their particular club.

Your first thought will be one of laughter. You will probably laugh at yourself and try to understand what a fool you’ve been until now. Further down the emotional rollercoaster you will start to feel pity for the ones inside the “perfect “bubble. Followed up by thoughts of contemplation, sadness and even envy. Yes, you will become envious of the ignorant people living their mundane lives. Envious and jealous because you will soon realize that ignorance is bliss.
I hope that I have not scared my readers away with this affirmation. I am actually quite sure that I haven’t. Had you been the type to get scared of the truth then you wouldn’t have been here in the first place.

This section will include the real motives that induce our daily laziness and inertia into our thought motion. Understanding this aspect while still on the same level of logic and perception you currently have might be difficult. However, consciousness is multidimensional and it does indeed evolve over time. The ordinary human – lives his life in fragments: the job, the intended family, the business, his free time etc. When he wants something and he does get involved in that segment of his life, he almost completely forgets about the other ones. However, they keep on existing. This approach is quite limited. The range of human emotions is supported by this very type of fragmented vision upon life that is at the basis of the false idea of who we really are.
We erroneously identify with the specifics of one fragment of our lives and then we feel the need to attach ourselves to it. This in turn will create a dependency which, in the end, will turn into frustration.
This frustration will inevitably lead to suffering.
It is the vicious circle or chain that man has scrupulously tied himself to throughout his entire life.

The 3rd person view relates to having a larger perspective. All aspects of your existence will be perceived as sequences which are correlated and linked at a casual level. It is from such a superior position that you will be able to understand all that surrounds you even if it doesn’t actually involve you in a direct manner.

Comparisons and examples always bring up the best answers to unanswered dilemmas.

As food for thought, I will let you answer this question: How did human kind exist and survive 30 000 years ago or 10 000 years ago when there was no society. Only a small tribe. If the environmental climate wasn’t harsh, people could even live lives of solitude or with their families only.

Yet at one point society made its way into our lives and people started to take part into this strange phenomenon which is not necessarily bad but it does come with a high bad to good ratio.

Or you could say that it is good for our physical body and extremely bad for our spirit or soul.

Some of the readers have already realised that there is this one other particular object which controls our lives. Object which initially was used to help trade goods easier but was then exploited and resulted in a handful of people controlling people’s lives.
I am sure you already know what I am talking about but in the next articles I will talk about this in detail and how it has come to pass that for hundreds of years we have depended on an illusion. Money.

You will become that Maverick that you see in the movies that everyone adores. As a man, you might have noticed how the beautiful sex cheers and is drawn to that type of character.
Maverick comes from the American cattleman called Samuel Maverick who refused to brand his cattle. In those times, people kept in check their cattle, slaves, property or however you would like to call it by branding them. Sounds similar to getting an ID card or even a chip under our skin.

Any other cattle which was unbranded was thought to belong to Maverick. They were called Mavericks.
Why do the ladies cheer for the Maverick character in the movies? It’s because he exhibits traits out of the ordinary. He does not obey the social cues. He He does what he wants. He is different. You feel as if he could do and become anything he wanted to.
This is just a drop of the ocean that is to come on how to become a better person, how to evolve and how to break free and see society from a third person view.

Vlad Ciupitu

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