Unintended Guide to Free Thinking

M-_Website_Design_Pictures_Articles_laquatus_thecreativemind_edited5Many have always wondered and some have asked me how to actually think outside of the box.

We would firstly have to consider what it actually means and what does it actually relate to.
This phrase could be translated into being a free thinker, avoiding the system or systems in some cases, avoiding what the media, the doctor or the bus driver says or simply just being (as others might call it) the black sheep of the sheep masses.

The first step into realizing what has to be done towards this process of becoming a free thinker is to immediately stop listening to the news, radio, TV or reading the majority of commercial papers.
The system will always try in one way or another to control the masses – point which will be approached in future articles exclusively presented in the Media section of IwYC.

Everywhere you look you will see messages with “mind the gap”, “wash hands at all times with disinfectant, use sun cream, shampoos from over the counter against certain types of scalp conditions, drink coke because it goes well with your food which accidentally is almost every time meat with potatoes. Go out to jog in the morning, drink your glucose water and take your protein after work out at the gym. Did I mention donating for cancer?
What is the problem with all the above mentioned? Some might seem reasonable while others might look harmless. Even worse: how dare I talk about using the over the counter sun cream against the cancerous burning sun-rays or what the problem with going to the gym and taking a little protein afterwards might be?
For the sake of the article I will get my hands dirty and say a thing or two about each of the above mentioned.


Mind the gap – an easy and subtle way of making large masses of people obeying, making them getting used to taking orders and do what they are being told to. The London underground never forgets to mention it every other minute. While it is common sense to avoid getting trapped in the “gap”, the subconscious will somewhat think the following: “If I want to stay alive I should better start listening to the adverts, messages, news, TV because it’s helpful. Similar to all the other living creatures on planet earth, human beings were designed to avoid dangers – proof being you – you have made it until present since the dawn of human history.

However, there is a question of people being distracted by music, their smart phones or tablets – which begs the question: is there an actual connection between these things? An exclusive article on IwYC will talk about some of the devices and ways in which we are being distracted.


Hand disinfectant. I’ve recently been on a cruise and every single room of the ship that you wanted to get into, had a disinfectant dispenser for your hands. While having a good hygiene is normal, disinfecting your hands with germ killer so often will be harmful for you.
Our hands contain bacteria. Some of the bacteria gets on our body from exposure with the outside world. However a high percentage of bacteria on our hands is actually beneficial for us. They keeps us functioning. Keeps our body well balanced and ironically these bacteria will actually protect us from harmful ones which we come in contact with during our daily lives.
Another examples relates with antibiotic intake. While antibiotics, again, are useful in extreme rare cases, they generally destroy the particular fungus that you have being diagnosed with. What the doctors might not tell you is the fact that antibiotics also destroy your stomach’s intestinal flora – important element in keeping the right acidity levels. Extreme cases lead to ulcer. Candida is also the result of taking medicine that kills the beneficial bacteria which keep your body in a balanced state of well-being.


Sun cream – while sun is harmful between certain periods of time – adding sun cream from over the counter onto your body will make things even worst in terms of skin cancer. The chemical compounds found in the cream will decompose at a high temperature and get into your skin. Using organic sun cream will be a better option in protecting you from the sun.

Notice the emphasis that is being added on using sun even for the briefest periods of exposure to sun? Hundreds and even thousands of years ago people did not have these products yet cancer was not present.

The yellow star of our solar system is the source for helping us having a balanced body and spirit due to the beneficial energies that we absorb. Vitamins and minerals (from organic fruits and vegetables of course) are assimilated by our sun-exposed bodies in a really efficient manner. Myopia can be slowly healed naturally and one of the ingredients is sun-gazing. Note: sun-gazing will and should be done according to certain instructions which if you do not find them now on the internet by googling it, I will present it anyway in a future article.
At the expense of making this longer, I will ask you then: why is it that everywhere you look, people are wearing sun-glasses with UV protection? 10 000 years ago people did not have sunglasses yet I am sure there were no issues. Your pet. Does he wear sunglasses?


At one point you notice that your hair is quite greasy and you do not know what to do about it? The next step is to talk with your doctor or ask your friends. They will all recommend you some more expensive brand from the pharmacy to help you with the greasy hair. You use it and yet nothing has changed and if it did indeed change, the problem was not cured. The second you give up using that particular shampoo your dandruff or your greasy hair will have recurred.

At a closer look on your shampoo’s ingredients, among other harmful ingredients, you will notice Sodium Laureate Sulphate. SLS is used to clean the grease out of greasy engines for airplanes, cars or trucks. Now imagine your scalp getting “thoroughly” washed with SLS. Imagine the harm it has caused. Now, the natural oil which your scalp/hair produces to keep your hair healthy is gone – in high amounts.

Imagine you would be deprived of food for 1 whole week. At the end of this week you would be allowed to go into a restaurant and order whatever you wanted to. The basic instinct will tell you to order loads and loads of food. The subconscious tells you to do this in the event that another 1 week food deprival might occur – you would at least have some reserves to survive.

Similar to the above examples the seborrheic glands will thus start over producing the sebum oil in order to overcompensate. This results in more greasy hair and having to wash your hair more often in order to get rid of it. Vicious circle, isn’t it?
Using PLAIN organic shampoos with no SLS in them should do the trick. If your problem is hormonal the organic shampoo will not help that much against greasy hair. However, you will avoid the vicious circle. More about hair problems will be described in the Nutrition and Life&Style of IwYC.

  • Drinking coke: there is no need for me to talk about what is wrong with this beverage. However I will do it in other articles because it is important for people to read and re-read such information in order to eventually realise that they should stop consuming harmful products.
  • Meat and potatoes – just a plain simple tip-of-the-iceberg example – should never be eaten together if you want to remain or become fit and healthy. Have a look in the future on Nutrition and Life&Style and you will see a more in-depth reason why.


Jogging in the morning. Human beings were designed by nature to climb trees, swim, walk (a lot of walking) and run. You must probably be asking yourselves why I have mentioned running if jogging was included in this random blacklist of things. For starters, I said run. And when I say run, I am referring to the action of running as fast as you can in a short period of time. Why is this – you are asking yourself again?
The only times when humans had to run say 15 000 of years ago was to escape a vicious predator such as a lion or tiger or to actually run after a wild animal such as a wild boar in order to kill it and have it serve on the fire for the whole tribe.
In both instances the most logical way of action would be to run as quickly as he could in order to climb the nearest tree and avoid being eaten.
Regarding the wild board, he would never start jogging alongside the wild boar for 1:00 full hour and eventually kill it. It would be done in a matter for minutes, if not seconds. Otherwise, he would let the wild animal run and focus on the next prey.
There simply would not be enough resources in the body to allow every time to “jog“ alongside the animals.

Going to the gym you say? The devices there do not offer the ability to develop the correct muscles. Thinking about isolated muscle group workout? Forget about it. I cannot emphasis enough on how healthy the self-weight exercises are and how naturally you will develop your body – just the way it was meant to be. Again, Nutrition and Life&Style will touch this subject.

CannabisDonating for cancer: as you might have heard or read, the pharmacy is a trillion pound/dollar/euro industry focused on only selling and never actually curing at the said rate, if all. Cheap alternative ways of curing cancer have already been broadcasted to people however laws prevent this magical plant from making the cure reach our shelves. You guessed it: I was talking about Cannabis.

Donating for cancer will only allow for more money to go into the pockets of certain rich people and keep society and economy move on by allowing for more jobs to become available and keeping everybody busy and distracted.

Imagine that you would be a part of a small group on an island. And that you were wealthy because you were smart enough to think to process sea water and make it drinkable. It is a laborious and complicated process yet everyone pays you money to buy water from your newly developed small “company” among the said natives of the island. Almost half of the islanders work for you to produce the drinking water.
Amidst this apparently flourishing business and even though hard working and time consuming activity for over half of the natives, one person brings forward the idea of actually digging for a fresh source of water. This could mean disaster for your business and would eventually put you out of earning more money and half of the natives would all of a sudden have more time to explore other things. Maybe even become wealthier than you. Your next thought of action would be to shut down that person’s idea of actually looking for underground water. Maybe have a tree fall on him and pay a crier to announce everyone what a tragic “accident” had occurred.

Need I mention now that the cure for several diseases already exists, yet putting it forward and making it available for everyone would eventually shut down the pharmaceutical industry?
Consider this example and consider the cancer research and the industry which revolves around medicine.

If you have come this far, you probably have noticed a certain pattern over and over again regarding the messages and all the information which is passed every day in front of our eyes and into our ears.

Being a free thinker and thinking outside of the box implies to notice these patterns and avoid them.
More so, adding your own thought and intention into the mix will eventually allow you to see things clearer. You will feel that you are seeing everything around you from a third person’s perspective and you will notice things more easily and one who sees the world just through his two eyes and not using the plethora of abilities that we have been gifted with. Some call this ability – Awareness.
There is a lot to talk about, however there is food for thought which I am sure it is just enough to stir your curiosity to find out more about yourself and about our lives.

Tag along and Interview with Your Consciousness will be just that for you.

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Vlad Ciupitu

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