Contemplation: To Procreate or Not?

2_edited_22111Some might say that the current state of mother Earth and the path that the human race is following are connected at a symbiotic level since our actions, be it bad or good, have a direct influence on our home.

During the last hundred years, the natural order of things has been violated by man.
For thousands of years, the simplistic way of life of homo sapiens has allowed nature to remain balanced. Only the fittest survived thus allowing the better genes to pass on. Only the strongest and smartest survived in the harsh environments and allowed for families to continue their genes up to our present day.

Only the fittest and strongest were allowed to mate with a female, be it lions, tigers, birds, wolves and humans. The weakest would rarely find a suitable female to mate with. And even if they did, their offspring would have lower chances of surviving.
The tribes consisted of an average of 50 people, with the most prised members being those that could hunt and provide food, gather materials to build shelters and to be smart or strong enough to fend off any predators. These were the ones that would eventually mate and allow for their better genes to pass on. If an individual was either sick, weak or not that smart – his contributions to the tribe were limited, as limited as his chances of mating with a female were.

Evolution – The Product of Our Best Genes

Nevertheless, we are the product of our best genes that have been selected naturally and that have survived.
This is what we call evolution – the gradual development of a species. In our case – homo sapiens.

Less people were roaming the land, but of better quality from all points of view.

How does this interact with the basic idea of this article which is overpopulation?

Something must have happened in the last hundreds of years.

Since you are reading my blog I am almost 100% sure that you do not have lots of sisters and brothers or that your parents do either. In any case even if you did that would not be a bad aspect in any way. Due to what’s going on, that would probably be a positive factor.
What am I saying? One second ago I talked about how many we are and now I am blandly stating that it is a good thing if you were to come from a larger family?
I am perfectly aware of what I am saying and this is just the needed premise in order to introduce you to the concept of involution. Anyone reading my blog would be on the path of evolution :).


Involution could be defined as the retrograde or deteriorating state of a species – in our case – homo sapiens.

If weak genes had been passed on in the past, their survival chances were pretty slim. Their weak father would eventually fail to build a proper shelter, find enough food or the mother would not be strong enough to care for the infant or to provide sufficient breast milk.

Nowadays, weak genes will have almost the same survival chances that strong ones do, due to the society which cares for everyone. Don’t get me wrong: it is a good thing to care for the weak.
But several factors are detrimental to our downfall as homo sapiens.
The poor, mentally and physically disadvantage be it from a 3rd world country or not, due to the lack of education they follow their animal instinct and procreate without any thought. This lack of awareness on their part results in 5, 6 – 10 children per family. They soon realise that there is no way of offering them education, food – a future. Yet they keep on making children and overpopulating earth. Society will take care of them by providing help in forms such as money, shelter etc.
How many times have you seen uneducated people with 5-6 children around?
When confronted with why did they continue to have children, if their social or health status is where it is? The answers will be something like: “It just happened!”

Civilized, educated, aware, healthy and even spiritual individuals can be found at the opposite from the above descried.
No more than 1 or 2 off springs will govern their lives. And that only happens when this intellectual person is sure that he has a stable situation which will allow for his offspring to not only survive but to also thrive.

Using simple mathematics (simple for the educated individual) we can all of a sudden realize that the balance tips in favour of the less educated, less smart and successful groups of people.

This my friends, is what leads us to an exponential degeneration of the human race and thus involution takes place.

“Your racist! Spreading discrimination and all!” is what probably comes from inside of you right now. Yet take a moment and consider what I have just said. Something has to be done.

In order to have any chance for our world order to survive – we have to control who procreates and who does not. It is also simple mathematics to realize that in another hundred years we will starve. All of us.

Our current system has as basis the effect of entropy which basically means that a system which was initially ordered and could optimally function, it is now falling into chaos and will self-destruct.

I know this sounds against freedom and whatnot. Yet almost every aspect of our lives is controlled – except for the one which could halt the degeneration of our species and help us usher a new golden age of intellectual and highly advanced human beings.

It Is as Simple as Passing an Exam to Become a Doctor!

Not everyone is allowed to be a doctor – is that discrimination? Of course not – but as long as you pass the exams, eventually you will become a doctor.

By controlling who procreates I am referring to the fact that you would have to pass some sort of “exams” in order to be eligible.
Being healthy, fit, intelligent educated – simply put: good genes would be the main factors in deciding whether or not you are eligible to have children.
If you are smoking, drinking, eating junk food, sitting on the couch and watching TV 24/7 – this can be accounted for the perfect recipe to not be allowed to procreate.

What happens when you really want to have children? It’s quite simple: you start working out, you start educating yourself, you live a healthy life-style and you will soon reach a level that will allow for your child to be like the new you and learn as much as possible from your positive habits.

Why am I even saying this, how can I even think of this ? Free will should govern every aspect of our lives.
And it should – as long as it does not affect in a negative way the person next to you. Or even across the globe as a matter of fact.

You see – Myself and many more of you try to make this world a better place. We recycle, eat healthy, read, play the piano, write, paint, work out, plant a tree, and create innovations to better help mankind.
We set the stones for our children to live in a better world. We are aware of the many problems that earth is facing and we do our best to change even the smallest things – if we can.
What happens when 70% of the population that pollutes, produces large of amounts of waste, drink, smoke, live an unhealthy life-style, do not work out and do not bring anything to the table, reproduce? They will create a similar version of themselves. Multiply it and earth and society are doomed to fall.

Everything we have worked for, will be for nothing if our children will be born into an even worst place then we were.

The argument of being free and doing what you want as long as you do not harm in any way the person next to you still stands firm and gives us a lot to think about.

Ideas and thoughts can be a powerful drive force in creating the future.
Share this idea that I have presented and make no mistake – the universe will draw it into our lives and future.


Photo credit: niuner

Vlad Ciupitu

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