Introduction to Nutrition, Life&Style

paleodiet 201566If you had a look over the Desocializing introduction you might have noticed that in order to find answers to some of our questions we should sometimes relate to how the life style was 10 000 or 30 000 years ago.

People and physicians keep saying that we have evolved since ancient times and that new rules to our lifestyle and to our day to day routines should apply. They could not be any further from the truth.

Our basic instincts, digestive or nervous systems, sexual attraction all function to accommodate us to the life style that we used to have, some thousands of years ago.

Not until recently, we were riding horses, climbing trees, running from predators and eating as we were designed to: right from the sources. But in the last few hundred years something has changed. Our society has evolved in such a rapid way that compared to us riding horses for thousands of years, in just a few hundreds we jumped from horses to cars and eventually to the stars.

In order for this to be achieved massive changes had to be done to our life style and in turn our bodies never had the chance to adapt. And I don’t even consider that there will ever be the slimmest chance for us to adapt to this artificial world that’s around us.

The Food Industry

Alas, all the food sources were industrialised. Animals were bred in factory like conditions and raised in a similar fashion. Artificial ways such as shots with hormones and antibiotics were used to carefully control and speed up the processes involving the meat, egg and dairy processing.

In a similar fashion, fruits and vegetables have been grown using all sorts of pesticides to allow for easy mass production. Natural cow fertilizer has been replaced by cancerous causing chemicals.

If that was not enough, for various profitability and ease of production reasons, vegetables, fruits, cereals etc have been genetically modified. Thus the structure of these plants is no longer in harmony with our anatomy leading to anomalies to appear such as cancer.

A lot of products nowadays have been labelled as natural. The unsuspecting consumer will leave the supermarket with all sorts of processed foods. Sugar is natural, mercury is natural. Even plutonium. I think you are smart enough to know where I am going with this – otherwise you wouldn’t be reading my articles.
The articles in this category will make a deep study on sugar and what it actually does to us. Same about salt – processed table salt which has been stripped of absolutely everything which is beneficial to our well-being.

Cereals will surprise you and will be left for a special article in which you will be intrigued by the fact that cereals should not be consumed by humans at all and that the only reason cereals have been so highly placed on our food chain is that they represent the easiest way to feed the people of the planet in order to help society become what it is today – at the expense of our well-being.

Have you noticed a trend? Oh wait. There are a plethora of trends nowadays. My first feeling towards trends is to avoid them. If not for the sake of proving you have a personality at least for the sake of curiosity. Asking yourself why do the sheep follow the shepherd and never question him? Wool harvesting seems natural to them and so is their final demise in the slaughter house.

The trend I was talking about refers to “Going to the Gym”. Working out and eating protein and drinking all sorts of liquids with sugars and God knows what. “The Gym” offers artificial alternatives to actual healthy and beneficial exercises. These machines never existed 5 000 years ago nor did the processed protein. It sounds intriguing and this subject will be debated in this section and hopefully we will get to the bottom of what the truth is about your local’s gym and what alternatives you have both cheaper and superior. I will present the best exercise for homo-sapiens. An exercises which has been stripped away from us by our today’s “advanced society”. You will be amazed…

Nutrition and Life&Style will approach these above problems in depth and will offer alternatives which have been proved to be pro-active towards our well-being be it from what kind of food we eat to the exercises that we do point of view.

Vlad Ciupitu

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