The best 3 activities that will dramatically improve your emotional state, mental abilities and state of being

DSC06321-edited7These 3 simple activities which might seem to be common and basic stuff, are most often, if not always, disregarded as not important, however the effects generated by these simple activities will have an impact on yourself, even though, as any rewarding activity, requires patience and will power from your side.

Without any further ado, I give you:

1. Start reading

Nothing is more helpful in today’s society than reading.

Many people see this activity as a snob’s hobby, not knowing the fact that it is essential for your growth and understanding on how the world revolves. Around you.
Since a great deal of people lack any skills in knowledge and culture, you will therefore be on top of the pyramid.

We live in times where people barely speak and read properly and those that do know how to read have no idea how to understand meanings and concepts.

Reading will give you a head start in front of the sheeple which like to dwell on their couch and the only thing they could read would be “Breaking News” or any of the like.

Reading improves your analytical and critical skills. This will empower you with the ability to know what the fuck is going on around you at any time. Period.

When you will realise that there is more to information and knowledge than TV or magazines, you will be in a position where you will be the total master of your own emotions and actions.

2. Physical exercises. Start pushing your physical limits

Even if this implies to walk those 5 KM per week that you never did because you were addicted to your car. Start from there.

Doing physical exercises will boost your physical and psychical state.

As you will see from my future posts in Nutrition, Life&Style, and other categories, you will notice that I always put A LOT of emphasis on doing things the way nature intended for you to do.

In this case, stay away from the Gym. I guess you could hang at the gym, however it is quite artificial.

Start running in nature, not only will your steps synchronise with mother earth, so will your state of spirit, emotions and internal energies. You will start to resonate.

Walk. Walking is the most natural and used physical activity since man first stepped on planet Earth. It’s the first thing we want to learn when we are born.

We are animals, according to Biology anyway. Thus we need to read to compensate.
We are also humans, according to Freud and Kant. Thus we need to be on the move to compensate.

3. Sleep. Give yourself time to sleep no less than 7 hours and no more than 8 hours per night.

Don’t confuse sleeping with being asleep.
I guess I’ve already confused you. Did I? Then it means you need more sleep to see around the word game.

Sleeping as in recharging oneself. Not only physically but also spiritually.
You might never meditate more than 5 minutes when you do it. However sleep, especially during the REM time can be considered similar to a period of time during which you might have meditated. And the best thing is you do not have to concentrate to remain in a meditative state.

There are 2 categories of ignorant sad individuals that drink their brains out because it’s cool and makes them more “manly” (their opinion only anyway) and the ones that waste their nights for the foolish excuse that they will have enough time to sleep when they’re dead.

Funny things happen when you are tired.
Funny from other’s point of view, obviously.
You stop thinking normally, rationally. You do things you wouldn’t do.
It’s another person living your life. A lower version of yourself.
Do you want that?

A bad sleeping habit comes with a lot of shit as baggage:
– you start eating crap food;
– your focus, will power and emotional state becomes that of a professional masturbator who has just finished the unnatural act of self-degenerate love.
– your behaviour approaches close boundaries to that of a typical inbred football fan whose only goal is his favourite team.

Can it be easier than this?
Read, Work-out & Sleep.

Yes it can be, you can turn on the TV or join the primitive tribal activity of football encouragement.

It’s up to you!


Vlad Ciupitu

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