Seduction – The Interaction Between Female and Male Polarities

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At the centre of the extreme duality interaction between female and male polarities (yin and yang) there is wholeness, completion and satisfaction with yourself and the universe. Destroy this communion and you have the opposite – chaos.

It may come to no surprise to some of you that we will also analyse all the branches of seduction, but make no mistake – besides sharing different points of view, techniques and stories, the main focus will be to discover what has happened in the past 50-100 years that made men and women alike have difficulties in doing something that we were biologically engineered to know and act accordingly and get the man/woman that we wanted, since homo sapiens emerged thousands of years ago.

Something must have happened during the last period of time and there seems to be more to it that just social brainwashing by TV, magazines or books. The strongest primal instinct, if controlled, could be used against us in a very successful and productive way for whoever might want to do that.
I know it sounds crazy, but look around: The more “civilized “and “developed “a country is – pointing fingers at the western countries – the less happy are its people.

You will often hear remarks such as: “I can’t find anyone” or “Man, I need to find a woman otherwise I’ll…”. People getting hammered in night clubs and bars, spending money on cars, jewellery, perfumes, expensive clothes, spending a life time to achieve a great career etc – all these beg the questions: “Why?” “What is all this for?”.

When I used to live and work in London, UK, I was shocked to realize that a high percentage of people I knew and worked with, were single. It was not their intention to be this way, yet what choice did they have?
The only time when there was anything going on between a male and a female was Friday or Saturday night, after 1 am when everyone was already drunk. And we all know what kind of interaction that was.

We will compare Eastern European countries whose sole advantage is the fact that being “less civilized” have not been exposed to as much media, information and brainwashing as their neighbours from the west have. You will soon be able to tell who in fact the civilized countries are – (I have high hopes that if you are a reader of Interview with Your Consciousness, you already are aware that the amount of expensive cars per number of people is not an indicator of happiness).

The most important shift that is taking place is the shift between the male and female polarity.
Men are becoming more wimpy, more feminine, less decisive, strong minded and morally tough – less of a man and more of a woman :).

Women are slowly replacing man’s role in society. The feminist movement is one of the reasons to blame and make no mistake: it is not about equality. It is about shifting the roles between men and women.
What do we get as a result? Loss of balance – a balance that has existed for thousands of years. For man to be dominant and for the woman to follow. As misogynistic as this might sound, it is the natural course of things in nature.

As we will take this journey and explore these different deep down to the core aspects of the Seduction Intrigue, many revelations will take place in the reader’s brain. “Ahaaaa!!” will be one of the many reactions when things will start to become clearer.

Vlad Ciupitu

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