8 Must-Follow Man Rules

“As a man acts, so does he become. As a man’s desire is, so is his destiny” – pre-Christian Hindu text.

In today’s society where men keep on forgetting what a man is, does and aspires to be, it is crucial to keep straight on the path of manliness even if you are surrounded by hairy sexually undetermined dudes.

It is to no surprise that to some, what I am about to tell you might be something unheard of before, weird and even outrageous.

As described in Introduction to the Seduction chapter, I have taken the first steps in reminding a few points of what it takes to Be a Man!

Without any further ado, I give you:

1. Take Breaks to Find Yourself

The Buddha said: “We are what we think. All that we are, arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world”.

I am referring to the concept of meditating and contemplating our life and our path for the future.

The ancient and mysterious Hawaiian Kahunas used to believe that the process of finding oneself and being in communication with your higher selves will help you project and create your own future.

Almost all of the time people are not in charge of their own thoughts and constantly bombard their high self with an uncontrolled and contradictory mixture of plans, wishes and fears. This confuses the high self and is why most people’s lives appear to be equally haphazard and uncontrolled.

You should take time out at frequent intervals to think about your life and visualize in concrete terms what you wish to happen to yourself. By doing this, you can more consciously control the events that befall you and as a result, make your own future.

2. Be the Spiritual Leader of Your Relationship or Family

A short but important topic is the one about you being the spiritual leader of your house, family etc.

That is why by taking breaks to find yourself, you will be able to lead your family.

Being the fire and the energy of the 2 sexes, it is important as a man to lead not only physically but also spiritually.
Women depend on your energy and will follow your path to either enlightenment or downfall.
It is up to you to decide where you want to go.

3. Find the Things that Speak to Your Soul

Just as the hands of a potter maker shape the ceramic soon to be pots, so do the activities and hobbies that you do shape your spirit, soul and mind.

Find that which calms yourself and allows to be fully aware of the present. Find that activity that clears your mind and so allows for your higher self to speak.

4. Look People in the Eyes Whenever You Speak to Them

Do you know who avoids eye contact whenever he speaks with another person?
The individual who is ashamed of something he has done, or that person who knows deep down inside of himself that he is not a man and that he is inferior.

A shameful activity is usually Masturbation. If you look up to Onan then I urge you to reconsider your idols and stop doing this act and you will soon find yourself looking into people’s eyes. You will soon realize how much more people respect you just because of this.

5. Stop Smiling like a Fucking Monkey

You look around during your daily travels and you notice loads of “men” who have a continuous smile on their face, a smile without a reason, it’s just there whenever they interact with someone.

This weird hobby of smiling without a reason at everyone throughout the day can be of no good to you as a man. A man that is driven by a purpose, by a goal, a man that is set to change the world in good (or bad) won’t be smiling at every silly interaction with another person.

You see, monkeys that feel inferior and threatened by alpha male monkeys will tend to smile.
Smile in order to show obedience and that they are not a threat to the alpha male of the group.

Usually when a “man” talks to a beautiful woman, you will see that he can’t stop smiling.
He keeps on smiling until he goes home on his own and turns on youporn.
He smiles because he feels insecure of himself when a beautiful woman speaks to him.
He will not look into her eyes because again, he is afraid.

Afraid of what? Of being considered less and not good enough for her. D’oh!

Smile only when you feel good about yourself, if you heard a joke or if you just feel like winking in a sexy and flirtatious manner to a woman. Period.

Also, I suppose that at this point I don’t need to tell you to NOT laugh at your own jokes.

6. Move Out of Your Parent’s House

Even if you share a luxurious Palace with your parents and the only alternative to live on your own would be a shit hole – go with the shit hole.

Not only will the new responsibilities force you to get out of your comfort zone, so will the fact that you are aware that you are self-sufficient and independent create a generous confidence in you.

This is hands-down one of the most turns on for a woman – to know that the man she is seeing has his shit together and lives on his own.

7. Don’t Get Drunk, Ever

Ok, maybe not ever, but stop embarrassing yourself with this sort of idea of having fun.

These activities are called escapisms and according to the dictionary, escapism is: the tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, especially by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy.

In the eyes of the others you will be considered someone who has no control over his actions and life. Someone who does not have his shit together.

In your eyes most importantly, you will see yourself even less than the others do.
You will feel useless and you will ponder on the purpose of your miserable existence.

Is this it? Is this what you are and the person that you want to be? How will everyone else look up to you?
How will you be the spiritual leader of your family, how will you ponder your future and actions if you get drunk?

8. Don’t Show off

You see these kind of “men” that feel certain that bragging about their car, house, money etc will bring them happiness and make people like them.

Not only are they empty inside, their hypocrisy even pushes their limits further by implying that they are modest.
And after they ride again their expensive car they say that modesty is for people with no qualities.

I say that: Modesty is for the people that are aware of their potential and of what they have done so far, and they do not feel the need to brag, show off or even mention the things they possess without an actual important reason. It is good enough for them to know their value.


If you’ve come this far, I congratulate you and wish you good luck on the path of your self-discovery,


Vlad Ciupitu

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