What is Consciousness ?

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“Consciousness is that one element which makes us all different one from another.
It is that which makes one ignorant, opened minded, hater of life or embracer of happiness.”

The first thing that comes into mind when thinking about Consciousness is the state of being Conscious. Being aware of the environment around you, of the air that you breathe, the taste of the food that you eat or the sounds that you hear; listening to your inner voice and having a profound understanding for your interlocutor. Or just simply: being aware of yourself.

What is consciousness more exactly?

Consciousness however, relates to all of the above – and it embodies a general personal state of being. You could consider it a holistic approach towards everything around us and beyond – the universe as a whole.

If I were to place this concept in two poetic sentences, consciousness would probably resonate and sound something along the following lines:
“Consciousness is that one element which makes us all different one from another.
It is that which makes one ignorant, opened minded, hater of life or embracer of happiness.”

Consciousness can vary from one individual to another. The less evolved one’s consciousness is, the more animal, technical, cruel, materialist oriented or ignorant one behaves. The lack of an opened mind or being ignorant is one of the most important consequence of having a low consciousness. It is the chains of our inner self which keeps us on a low vibration. People with this particular less evolved consciousness will be driven by prime instincts such as animal sexuality, hunger driven and prime survival instincts.

If you were to take a being with almost no consciousness at all, it would be a proper animal from the jungle or forest – an animal whose primary drive is to reproduce with no emotions or to forage for food.

Being human, implies having a conscious and thus, like any other quality, it can be evolved or regressed. Such as one can become a better person through life’s experiences and personal development so can one walk along the path of downfall and commit horrid acts.

When people refer to an individual and characterise him or her, they will always use the word personality. I like to think that Personality could be interpreted as a manifestation of consciousness.

Our personality is a physical representation of this powerful state of being that the consciousness is.

A happy and helpful person will radiate positive energy and will thus create a good and optimistic energy towards everyone around him. This can be translated into an evolved consciousness from the individual’s part. Same goes for a criminal whose consciousness is low and will thus commit atrocious acts which will affect in a negative way the people around him.

Same with watching TV. As described in the Media category, getting hooked up on TV and on bad vibrational news such as death, depression etc – can only affect your vibratory levels and lower them, dragging your consciousness down with it at the same time.
It is no coincidence that Tibetan, Orthodox or other religious monks that live isolated, possess highly evolved consciousness levels. Do you think they spend time catching up on the latest bloody news that occurred?

Interview with Your Consciousness’ name has not been taken accidentally and it conveys a deep fundamental concept – it translates into a way of reaching our highest levels of consciousness by having a talk (interview) with our inner selves.
Only by listening to your inner self will you be able to understand your purpose, goal and who you truly are.

It is you, as an infinite eternal being who will pursue the total development of your consciousness by contemplating with your deepest thoughts and eventually to protrude into the infinite macrocosm via your inherited yet dormant ability.

The Interview with Your Consciousness Project approaches different aspects on how we can evolve our consciousness by delving into research, day to day examples and how we can actually perceive these factors which influence this wonderful state of being.

Rising your consciousness at higher levels than the ones it currently resides at, will only offer you a better quality of life and attract only positive outcomes.

You will eventually become that which you were meant to be in the universe.

Yours always,

photo credit: Spirit Science

Vlad Ciupitu

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