From the Earth to the Moon

EarthmooneditedI remember a sunny day last summer when I was sitting down in a cold breeze by River Thames and I was reading ” From the Earth to the Moon ” by Jules Verne.
While surfing through the pages and quenching my thirst for words, a slim but tall silhouette took shape right in front of my eyes. It was a young girl, taking her young as well dog for a walk.

A certain hesitation was betrayed by her body language but nevertheless she sat down next to me and pretended as if she was looking after something in the far horizon.

“You will have to be more convincing than that if you are going to pretend you are ignoring me.” – I said.

She smiled and with her long and delicate arm held the leash of her puppy dog who was becoming impatient and wanted to run.
With another hesitant voice, she murmured something: “From the Earth to the Moon” – brings back old memories – last year of university you know!

She continued: “How is it that you can sit here alone and not get bored? Yes I know you are reading, but still?”

“I could sit in my room and do the same sort of activity but then again I wouldn’t enjoy the sun at all and as you can see, I am not sitting alone anymore!”
Waving off as if she didn’t even hear my last remark, she couldn’t help herself but giggle.

“Michele!” – she said with a decisive voice this time.

“Vlad!” – I said with a tone that could not exude more reassurance from my part that she was enjoying my company.

After giving another look at my book as if she totally forgot its name, she asks me “Do you dream of going to the Moon someday, or even right now?!” she asked with a passionate fire in her eyes.

“I would, but what would be the point? Once I’ll be up there, it will still be me.”
“Why not enjoy this moment as it is right here and now?”

My Dear Readers – you see, in life, chances come and go, dreams take shape and then disappear in the wind and memories are forgotten just like tears in the rain.
Why do we always cling to a better or different situation, even though the current one we are enjoying is already perfect?

Why do we hang to this sick idea of projecting all your energy, happiness and passions to a future date or even worst, send it back in time to a different date, when all that you have is NOW. Your energy can only be used now, you can’t send it through time via a time portal in that specific place or date that you are dreaming of.
You will have the necessary energy and passion when the time comes for you to be at that exact time and place that you have projected.

Saying something along those lines, in a more joyful and happy manner, me and Michele continued talking until the sun was no more, and the moon was making its way up in the sky.

I laughed out loud and told her that if the moon wants me so badly, it can drive itself to me and end life on earth as we know it.

Remember – all you have is now, not tomorrow and certainly not yesterday.

Just Be!


Vlad Ciupitu

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