A History Filled with Masonic Signs

MasonsMasonic signs have been waved back and forth throughout history up until modern day times.
You could say that it is just a mere coincidence and nothing else.
That is for you to decide.

At first I was reluctant to consider this article as a Desocializing article since we are all so brainwashed and led to believe that famous people are idols and should be followed, mesmerized by their charismatic actions and figure.
What we don’t know is that we will never see famous people, leaders, generals etc – which are genuinely good. And if it does happen for a genuine person to reach the top for the others to see and follow, he will slowly start being corrupted or a strange accident might end his quick upraise in a disaster.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

As a child curios about the world, I also used to play the piano. I absolutely loved it. One of my favourite composers was Mozart. Was Mozart a mason?
It is no secret that Mozart was a mason in his own right.
Be it that he made music with secret frequencies? I do not know.
Maybe he, like 70% of the masonic members are just not aware of what is going on. They simply enjoy the benefits of a closed friendship where they get to have strange parties, dress up weird and have the occasional orgy at a hidden manor. (What’s the address by the way? 🙂 )
I am sure this is the case as well, however, regarding Mozart, even if his work did not have a negative influence, I can only imagine that just like nowadays, maybe he was not the best of the time.

Maybe there were other composers who could have reinvented classical music but were not allowed to go further and have their work being promoted.
Now I am starting to feel that this article should have been a Media one.

I do not want to dwell on my childhood “heroes” anymore because apparently you can see that they don’t necessarily have to be talented.

As for the hand sign that has lasted throughout history until the present days, it is a no-brainer to ask yourself what’s the purpose in leaving this trail of signs?
It would be a stupid foolish mistake – right?
Three, four, five – showing the same hand sign – but hundreds of famous people doing it? I do not believe in coincidences – not of this type anyway.
Are they leaving a trail so that they can mock and show the ones who are aware of such things, that they can do it in our faces and there is nothing we can do about it – so better stand down and mind our own business?

Or is it that they do it on their own in hopes of being recruited? Is it an all-in call to show the masons that they have achieved notoriety and that their membership could prove useful?
Or is it that they were already masons and the sign was a sort of showing their allegiance to the club?

Needless to say, it is quite strange the fact that they do such signs.
At least we get to know who to avoid when listening to music, watching a movie or even vote.

Further pictures of famous people gesturing the masonic signs are presented just below this article.

It would be great to know your thoughts on this topic and let me know what you think the reason behind this whole hand sign masquerade is all about on the comments section below.

2 Berlusconi
George Washington
Francois Sarkozy
Different Artists
Skull and Bones society
Al Pacino and De Niro







The Beatles
Franklin Pierce 14th President of the US
Angela Merkel
Tom Hanks

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