What if You Died Tomorrow?


Death knocking on your door is the ultimate stimulant to make you aware of your true desires, dreams and aspirations which reside deep under the pile of illusions and delusions embedded into your thought and personality.

Freud used to say that there is only one thing for sure in life: death.
There is no way around it.

However, in today’s fast paced life-style that we all experience and take part into, we seem to have forgotten not only true values but we also forgot about DEATH.

Sounds pessimistic? Nothing could be any further from the truth.
It is actually an optimistic view of everything around you if you actually remind yourself of DEATH.

Why is that?

Because once you become aware of the fact that one day you will surely die, you will all of a sudden awaken and realize you have no time to waste before it’s too late.
But what if you died tomorrow? How would you prioritise today?

This same question of what if you died tomorrow is being asked by people who go in for complicated surgeries, who have had a tragic accident or who go to war.

They swear that they will never take life for granted ever again and promise that if they will make it back safe, the first thing they will do is work on life’s priorities.

Given this information that you just read, you are lucky because you do not need to suffer a life threating act in order to realise you should put order into your life.

1.      What is death anyway?

Buddha used to call Death his greatest teacher of them all.

The concept of Death is a great opportunity for you to grow as an individual.

Imagine life without Death. What would you accomplish? How would you go through your never ending life?
You would never be forced by this idea that time is limited and weather you work on doing great things or not, you will eventually die.

I consider Death as a milestone in my existence. It’s the end of life on earth and it also represents the gateway to the following life be it on earth ( again ) or in some higher dimensions integrated into our higher consciousness.

Before I reach this milestone which is Death, I will have accomplished great experiences.
Otherwise this life was wasted. Who knows when I’ll be back and what life I’ll be having then.

If on the other hand, there is no milestone (death) then I am not feeling a sense of pressure to do great things in my life since my subconscious will become lazy and postpone any actions.

It’s the same feeling you get when you have an exam the next day and your mind-set is well aware of prioritising the tasks and make the most of the time.

It’s all about making the most of your time. Making seconds count and not counting seconds.

2.      When did we forget about Death?

Every time I take the tube/subway in the morning, I am astonished by hordes of zombies, people sorry, that are “living the dream”.
They are working for big corporations.
These corporations exploit their mental and physical power as well as their spirit and determination.

This charade is worse than slavery since they (the people) all agreed that their life should be given to these conglomerate corporations in order to gain a modest sum of money – in exchange for their freedom, time and spirit. They now believe they can afford a car, new clothes every week, expensive drinks and the new IPhone of course.
No, they do not afford these items.

It was needed for us to forget about Death. We never talked about it in Schools. Our parents never mentioned it. Your boss never does.

If people remembered about the only sure thing in life – Death, they would take a different route in their lives.
If they realised that death is right around the corner or maybe in 5 years or 50 years’ time, they would do their best to quit the job and do what they actually wanted.

The last words of a dying man: “I wish I spent more time in the office when I was young”.

Sounds funny and it is a complete and utter bullshit.
No one would say such a thing.
More plausible would be: “I wish I have spent more time with my wife and kids.” “I wish I had finished writing that book and I wish I had known how to speak French.”

Society made us forget about Death in order to be the perfect Zombies.
You see, zombies do not die of natural causes, they are already dead! So they roam the lands in total blindness and without a purpose.

3.      Death is wonderful

People blocked the concept of Death for the sole purpose of regarding it as the worst possible act.

In fact death only brings about the end of a life and the start of a new one – the next trip you will endeavour once you die.
It is the same for when you are still in your mother’s womb. If you had feared and avoided the concept of Birth, you would have never entered this world.

Death is scary only because it implies the letting go of the EGO.
It’s your body that dies. That ultimate instrument in which the Ego enjoys toying with and binding your spirit to. A decaying clay pot which eventually cracks and becomes dust in the wind.

– Who will see your beauty, height, shoes, make-up and hear your voice if you are dead? How will this EGO triumph if there is no instrument for it to survive in.

Forgetting about DEATH is only the EGO’s agenda of holding you back from one big truth:
There are things far beyond your imagination and expectations.
There is more to life than just this life, body and what you see around.
Through Death – you would be able to apply all the spiritual concepts that you studied and practiced during your life on earth.

So in the pure spiritual, esoteric and philosophical way – always remember death. Count on the fact that it’s your greatest teacher and guide in life.

Until next time,

photocredit: acretivemoment

Vlad Ciupitu

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