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Month: November 2015

How Will Humans Adjust to Post-Capitalism, a Period of Unlimited Freedom and Leisure in Their Lives?

utopia-main_editedTimes are changing, and with change comes a new perspective for the future.

You can feel it in the air. People are waking up and taking the matter into their own hands.
A new era of freedom, culture and personal prosperity is right around the corner.

But what happens when the human, a creature of habit, is presented with this unlimited freedom and potential?
What challenges will we be subjected to and how will we overcome the fear of change?

Do We Actually Have What it Takes to Break the Cycle and Adjust to Continuous Happiness?

break-the-cycle_editedIt’s been 50 years for Mike, a convict who spent half a decade behind bars.
He had become used to the inmate lifestyle.
He actually started to enjoy it and make no mistake, he would even defend his place, to remain in prison.
But once his sentence is finally over, Mike is thrown outside, in the unknown.
And he finds himself encumbered by this new strange feeling of freedom.

What will he do, where will he go, how will he express his emotions besides fighting, plotting and basic survival?

There won’t be a day without longing to go back behind bars, to the place where he thinks he “belonged”.

Are we scared to break the web of commitment, of slavery, do we know what we would do with such a privilege of freedom?

As we are focused on personal ownership, individuality, money and consumerism we are doing no one any good, except to the capitalism ruler ship which obeys economic growth.

Being free comes with

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Why Do People Get Tattoos?

back_tattoo_editedTattoos have been around for thousands of years, marking the skins of individuals from tribes and ancient civilizations.
Tattoos have made their way up until present, bearing messages and symbols on the skins of millions of people around the modern globe.

But let’s take a closer look at what makes people tattoo themselves and the underlying reasons that push people to “enhance” their bodies.

The Obvious Reasons for Tattoos

aztec_editedAncient cultures used Tattoos not only for their visual benefits but to also transmit a message.
To transmit one’s deed.
One of the first groups of people to „benefit” from tattoos were the convicted criminals who bore witness to their deeds on their face.

You could even consider the Mark of Cain a representation of a tattoo, a sign for one’s transgressions against his brother.

Then tattoos were adopted by castes, families and secret societies.
They represented one’s affiliations and their status as well.

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A History Filled with Sports. The Truth & Agendas behind Sports?

gladiator_editedSince ancient times, the attention of people was trapped in the awe of sports.
From ancient Greece to the Roman Empire, the masses have always jolted whenever a sports event took place.

The Roman citizens had the bare minimum to survive due to the expensive war that was undergoing throughout Europe and not only, by the Roman Empire.

In order to keep the citizens of Rome in check, the Senate offered them blood thirsty games in the Arenas spread throughout the empire.
Not only did they mould the people to cheer whenever someone was executed or tortured in the arenas, but they controlled their very ideas and concepts of life.

Humans are animals of habit.
Some things never change, even in our current times.

Nowadays, we are being bombarded all over the news, TV programs, magazines and adverts with sports.
People tend to forget about their meaning and purpose in life, thus focusing all of their energy and attention on this one big idea of leisure and competition.

It is to no surprize that instead of doing beneficial activities, people end up placing bets, touring the world for their favourite team and spending an enormous amount of time on their couch watching sports on TV.

What are the actual hidden truths and agendas behind this culture also known as sports?

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The Secrets behind a Healthy Diet

human_evolution_forwebThere have always been self-proclaimed gurus in terms in healthy life style and diet experts, which offer all sorts of concepts and “guaranteed” recipes that would offer solutions to a healthy diet.
These “gurus” offer complicated resolves which stir the reader towards an endless vicious circle where they are kept clueless.

That’s because their concepts and ideas are meant to always sell something, like a PDF guide, a diet or a workshop.

The true solutions will never surface their lips and will keep the reader in a constant loop regarding the answer to his problems.
Interview with Your Consciousness will provide you with the answers to a life-style which embeds the concept of living the life the way it was meant to.
It is simple and simplicity always reveals the answers we seek.
The answers were always right in front of our eyes.

Living the Life the Way it was Meant to

Everything is connected.
You can’t be spiritual and expect to have a healthy soul inside a rotting body.
You need to have a healthy body in order to sustain a clean spirit.

A Tibetan lama will never eat processed food nor drink Pepsi.

In a society that promotes fast consumerism and a fast life style, it is paramount to never stop keeping in touch with your primordial life style and diet.
Technologies might have skyrocketed in the last 60 years, but our bodies still function as they did 10 000 years ago.

As with many aspects of our life, our diet should reflect the tendencies that occurred in ancient times for our species.

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