The Secrets behind a Healthy Diet

human_evolution_forwebThere have always been self-proclaimed gurus in terms in healthy life style and diet experts, which offer all sorts of concepts and “guaranteed” recipes that would offer solutions to a healthy diet.
These “gurus” offer complicated resolves which stir the reader towards an endless vicious circle where they are kept clueless.

That’s because their concepts and ideas are meant to always sell something, like a PDF guide, a diet or a workshop.

The true solutions will never surface their lips and will keep the reader in a constant loop regarding the answer to his problems.
Interview with Your Consciousness will provide you with the answers to a life-style which embeds the concept of living the life the way it was meant to.
It is simple and simplicity always reveals the answers we seek.
The answers were always right in front of our eyes.

Living the Life the Way it was Meant to

Everything is connected.
You can’t be spiritual and expect to have a healthy soul inside a rotting body.
You need to have a healthy body in order to sustain a clean spirit.

A Tibetan lama will never eat processed food nor drink Pepsi.

In a society that promotes fast consumerism and a fast life style, it is paramount to never stop keeping in touch with your primordial life style and diet.
Technologies might have skyrocketed in the last 60 years, but our bodies still function as they did 10 000 years ago.

As with many aspects of our life, our diet should reflect the tendencies that occurred in ancient times for our species.

There are many diets out there that claim to have the perfect solution for people, yet none offers ground-breaking results in terms of helping individuals rid themselves of health problems and pave the way for a life without major problems and deficiencies.

The main simple concept behind a healthy diet and life style for that matter comes down to these simple facts.

1. Put Yourself in the Shoes of Your Ancestors

In order for you to be present here, your ancestors might have had access to a healthy diet since without technology, medicine or even intellect for that matter, the people that lived 10 000 years ago somehow managed to survive and pass their genes on.
Despite their exposure to various harsh environmental elements, they thrived and survived.

What was their secret?

They were consuming foods that mother earth provided. 

What does this mean? This means products of nature, unaltered and unhindered by humans.

As gatherers, your ancestors ate raw fruits, nuts and veggies.

As hunters, your ancestors ate raw or cooked meat.

And as for liquids, they drank either water or relied on the water content found in oranges and others fruits and vegetables.

If you are following my point, you will realise that they did not have access to processed foods, chemicals, artificial sweeteners and other ingredients and guess what else: NO CEREALS of any kind!

2. Avoiding Processed Foods

processed_food_forwebAnything that does not grow by itself anywhere on Earth, is by definition processed.

It is a processed product that is highly toxic to your body and facilitates the creation of cancerous cells.
Experiments have shown that sugar is way more addictive to us than even cocaine is.
This answers a lot of questions, especially the one which addresses the Fat and Obese people that cannot help themselves from eating cakes and drinking Coke.

They can’t help themselves, they are addicted.
As a side note, you should not have sugar in your home. It’s pointless.
As an alternative, use raw natural and organic honey. Its properties are beyond miraculous and there are no side effects to consuming honey.

Salt is essential to life.
But not the table salt you buy from your supermarket. It’s been processed and the minerals have been stripped away. You end up with some toxic white dust that enhances taste and contributes to health problems.
Try Sea Salt or Himalayan Salt which has 82 different minerals.

The deception lies in the doctor’s advice towards people with high blood pressure. “You should stop consuming salt immediately”. Yet we need salt for our brain and body. I promise that natural unaltered and unprocessed salts like the Himalayan Salt will only be beneficial to you.

Dairy products:
Sure, it is delicious to consume all these dairy products from the fridge at the supermarket, however their origin is artificial.
Meaning that cheese did not appear from nature by itself. It is a processed food.

An acidic body dictates big health problems. Cheese increases acidic levels.

Do not dare to eat Tofu either.
To my opinion, the only healthy dairy products are butter and yoghurts.
Stay away from any products with reduced fat levels.
That is brainwashing for the sheeple who will believe in that sort of crap.

Soy products

Soy is a plant from what I remember. Any food that resembles cheese, meat or milk that originates from a green plant is obviously highly processed.

There are many studies exposing the deception behind the soy industry and how detrimental to one’s health can be.

3. The Big Traitor in a Healthy Diet: Cereals

cereals_forwebAgriculture is a man-made creation.

Cereals do not grow in such high numbers anywhere on the planet, without agriculture.

Agriculture was and still is the main benefactor to the evolution of today’s society.
Cereals have allowed humans to have an easier life by solving the food problem throughout the whole year of any given society.

It can be processed into flower based products. It can then be baked.
But nowhere on earth do cereals grow anywhere near the amount to produce bread for daily consumption without human control.

10 000 years ago, your ancestors did not have agriculture, and they were healthy, as proved by several studies on prehistoric skeletons.
Between present and the 10 000 years mark, agriculture was introduced and societies started to flourish.
All that at the expense of the population’s health.
No more focusing on providing quality food, and focusing more on sustaining a society.

Thus the skeletons from the agricultural period all showed signs of health issues, issues that were not present in their previous ancestors that lived before the agricultural period.

What’s the reason?
Cereals have phytic acid which is counters any benefits that minerals might have on our body.

Cereals and any derived products, even whole grain, are acidic to the body.

As with dairy products, cereals are a big industry where certain groups of people become very rich at the expense of the people’s money and health.

Be smart and stay away from cereals.
Avoid the breakfast milk + cereal death trap and stay away from products containing cereals.
They will bloat you and prevent your body to flush out the toxins from your gut.
Minerals will have little to no beneficial effect on your body.

Are you fat? Stop consuming cereals.
Only ignorance allows the concept of cereal consumption in a world where people are obese and fat.

4. Deadly Oils and Healthy Oils

avocado+oil_forwebOil is used to help parts, of any kind, move more smooth and prolong the life of the said parts.
In the case of the body, oils are exceptionally healthy.

However, there is a difference between the types of oils you should consume.
It’s a ratio between Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids that has to be kept at a balance.
Vegetable oils are abundant in Omega 6 fatty acids and a high level of these acids can lead to inflammation, cancer and other problems.

Stay away from the following oils:
– Rapeseed oil;
– Vegetable oil;
– Grape-seed oil;
– Butter substitutes;
– Corn oil etc.

What you should use in your cooking and dressings are these oils:
– Olive oil;
– Coconut oil;
– Avocado oil;
– Hemp oil;
– Almond oil;

5. The Must Haves in Your Kitchen

baking_soda_forwebContrary to popular belief, bread, milk, sugar and flower are not essentials and should be regarded as poison.

On the other hand, someone with a bit of common sense towards a healthy life-style will realise that the products anyone should have in their kitchen are quite different than what we are being told by our saviours and agents to the pharmaceutical industry, the doctors. 

One of the big baddies that take the culprit for health problems is an acidic body which leads to inflammations throughout your system.

It makes sense to look at foods which are alkaline and help the body reduce acidity.

– Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (aka ACV). Besides its wonderful taste, it has a myriad of benefits for your body, one of which is its property to alkalize your body.
It kills bacteria, it clears your gut and fights down heartburns.
It also kills Warts and other fungus which affect your skin.

Bicarbonate of Soda is, again, a miraculous ingredient to consume as often as you can.
It instantly diminishes any heartburns you might have and keeps inflammation levels in check.

These 2 products are miraculous in every possible way and a simple google check for their benefits will reveal a long list of afflictions which can be cured with almost none side effects.

I could go on and on with concepts, ideas and descriptions of diets and remedies.
But that’s not what my blog is about.
Interview with Your Consciousness offers simple and direct to the root solutions to problems.
The majority of the self-proclaimed gurus in terms of health and life style offer complicated solutions which run around their own tail and end up leaving the reader clueless.

That’s because their concepts and ideas are meant to always sell something, like a PDF guide, a diet or a workshop.

The true solutions will never surface their lips and will keep the reader in a constant loop regarding the answer to his problems.

What I did for you was to break down all these concepts in the simple basic idea of survival.

The method of living your life the way it was meant to is so strong and effective because Mother Nature had already figured out what was best for us.
The answers were in front of us all along.

Live the way you were meant to,


Vlad Ciupitu

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