A History Filled with Sports. The Truth & Agendas behind Sports?

gladiator_editedSince ancient times, the attention of people was trapped in the awe of sports.
From ancient Greece to the Roman Empire, the masses have always jolted whenever a sports event took place.

The Roman citizens had the bare minimum to survive due to the expensive war that was undergoing throughout Europe and not only, by the Roman Empire.

In order to keep the citizens of Rome in check, the Senate offered them blood thirsty games in the Arenas spread throughout the empire.
Not only did they mould the people to cheer whenever someone was executed or tortured in the arenas, but they controlled their very ideas and concepts of life.

Humans are animals of habit.
Some things never change, even in our current times.

Nowadays, we are being bombarded all over the news, TV programs, magazines and adverts with sports.
People tend to forget about their meaning and purpose in life, thus focusing all of their energy and attention on this one big idea of leisure and competition.

It is to no surprize that instead of doing beneficial activities, people end up placing bets, touring the world for their favourite team and spending an enormous amount of time on their couch watching sports on TV.

What are the actual hidden truths and agendas behind this culture also known as sports?

Creating Competition among Individuals

ea_sports_editedHave you never tried to get ahead of someone else: at school, in traffic, on the job, on a queue?

Who hasn’t?
Weren’t most of us raised to be competitive, to fight to win and to be first?

From the very first day of joining a sports club or the physical education courses in schools, young people are being told that “Winning is not the most important thing; it is the only thing”.

This competitive spirit is much admired.
Get the best deal for ourselves; get the best parking space; get the best score.

Treat others as natural enemies.

Push, shove, do what you have to do. Get ahead. Me first!

Since this behaviour is shoved down our throats from a very young age, we will all feel it throughout our lives.
This impulse will surface every time we are faced up with different situations.

Buddhist tell us that we should turn these attitudes about winning and achieving to the polar opposite of what these instincts drive us to do.

It is in our own highest interest to be less selfish.
When thoughts of competition arise, we are honouring neither our human dignity nor our spiritual life.

The concept of competition takes things even further and again pushes humans to do things they would not do naturally: War, waging war against another country.

This is competition indoctrination at its finest.

We want the resources of our neighbours.
We need to have more and better then our neighbours.

We are in this together. We are all interconnected.
When we fight to push someone aside so that we win, we actually push ourselves aside and we lose.

Score! Place It in the Hole

golf_editedThe majority of sports have as the main objective the fight of two teams against the final goal: To Score!

To place something inside something else.

It has a sexual connotation and it works hard with our brain to brainwash us into sexually obsessed individuals.
After 2 hours of cheering and ovation towards hoping that the favourite team places the ball into the hole, the brain patterns readjust themselves to the idea that it is completely normal to desperately want to do this thing, no matter the situation.

Thus the sexual obsession is triggered and the current state of humanity can well point towards a humanity devoid of feelings, compassion and true love, but full of sexual greed, sexual manifestation and sexual perversion.

A Distraction from what Is truly Important

Like many other activities and ideologies promoted by the Media, another detriment to your mind and spirit that sports bring is the fact that free will, free thinking and cultural intentions are shoved aside.
The craze and hypnotic trances that these games offer, push the spectator far away from the reins of his life and make him a spectator to his own life.
He doesn’t even consciously observe how his life unfolds towards a direction he did not intend to go before he came here on earth or when he was making up dreams about how his life would be.

There is no time to read, no time to think, study and practice meditation or loving-kindness.

How could you meditate and think well for others, when your thoughts are darkened by the rage that the spirit of competition stirs inside of you.

Preoccupations like cultivating awareness and mindfulness are a joke in the face of the urge to find out if your team is going to score or if your bets yielded any profit.

Always question everything,

Vlad Ciupitu

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