How Will Humans Adjust to Post-Capitalism, a Period of Unlimited Freedom and Leisure in Their Lives?

utopia-main_editedTimes are changing, and with change comes a new perspective for the future.

You can feel it in the air. People are waking up and taking the matter into their own hands.
A new era of freedom, culture and personal prosperity is right around the corner.

But what happens when the human, a creature of habit, is presented with this unlimited freedom and potential?
What challenges will we be subjected to and how will we overcome the fear of change?

Do We Actually Have What it Takes to Break the Cycle and Adjust to Continuous Happiness?

break-the-cycle_editedIt’s been 50 years for Mike, a convict who spent half a decade behind bars.
He had become used to the inmate lifestyle.
He actually started to enjoy it and make no mistake, he would even defend his place, to remain in prison.
But once his sentence is finally over, Mike is thrown outside, in the unknown.
And he finds himself encumbered by this new strange feeling of freedom.

What will he do, where will he go, how will he express his emotions besides fighting, plotting and basic survival?

There won’t be a day without longing to go back behind bars, to the place where he thinks he “belonged”.

Are we scared to break the web of commitment, of slavery, do we know what we would do with such a privilege of freedom?

As we are focused on personal ownership, individuality, money and consumerism we are doing no one any good, except to the capitalism ruler ship which obeys economic growth.

Being free comes with responsibilities and unless we are up to the task, we will soon find ourselves plugging into a dark abyss of loss. Loss of a life that we were used to.

We need to cultivate compassion, free thinking and love for every single person and idea around us.

What Are the Actual Changes We can Expect?

With the inevitable era of free energy right around the corner, we can expect a big financial freedom.

Abundance paves the way to freedom.
When the need of meeting basic life’s ends is forever taken care of, you will be able to gap through the hole which leads to freedom.
The basic primal needs depicted in Maslow’s Pyramid of food, water, sex and sleep will be by default, available – right at our finger tips.

People will be able to pursue their passions and live by them.
We will all be or own boss without the stress of having to meet the deadline to pay for the bills.
Money will be no more – we can expect the good old bartering and goods exchange to make a comeback.

We will gain more free time. Will we choose to live up to it or surrender to the chains of slavery?

New directives to a higher purpose will be instilled in us by our high selves, by our soul.
Free time gives time for you to become observant and aware of everything around you.
Awareness will then lead to a further breakthrough in freedom.

Hobbies and Passions won’t become just a way of relaxing oneself in order to become more productive at work on Monday.
We won’t do sports activities just to compensate for a life time of sitting in a chair.
We will actually be sportive because we enjoy the activity.

Hobbies and Passions will be the object of our living.

Humans will aspire to absolute, perpetual happiness, instead of career advancement and money.

We will organise in groups of people with common interests and work for the benefit of all.

Defining Free Time and Leisure and unbounded Creativity

utopia-people_editedIs a painting just a piece of art which one can sell and pay his bills?
Is a piece of music just a means of spending time while you are on your way to work?
Or can we actually live by these creations?

What if each and every one of us will create their own music?

Since no hectic production and consumerism will govern our lives, we will find ways to use these practices of arts, sports and passions in a deeper manner than just a crutch to help us get by until the next day.

Freedom actually means time that you spend on your soul’s advancement.

If you think that free time implies spending it on producing additional income or to help forward your career, you are dead wrong.

Free time is doing what you came on earth to do.

Rise up your vibration, connect with your inner piece of God and end the cycle of reincarnation once and for all.

Times of darkness and subjugation are always followed up by a beam of light, of hope.

This beam will spread into a thousand beams that will engulf you in an everlasting craving to increase your higher purpose on earth. And you will finally attain it.

Imagining how this Utopian World will Be

utopia-text_editedPeople will gather in groups of personal interest.

Schools will allow children to choose their paths into wide and very different areas of passions and capabilities, all chosen by them.
No system will ever create drones for society.

Artists will gather in their halls of creation, while spiritual individuals will gather in their personal temples of prayer and practice loving kindness.

If during the capitalism era people were enraged and full of hatred towards their kind, the post-capitalism era will provide spiritual rejuvenation and healing towards creating an unbreakable connection between people.

Primal and instinctual needs will be defaulted to us. There will be no need to focus on providing a shelter over our heads or food for our children.

There have always been times of downfall and times of uprising on planet Earth, some even documented by archaeological discoveries.
The fall described in the bible could be just a metaphor to the fall of man from such an Utopic life that he had created for himself.

If these are just cycles meant to happen during the life of the universe or they come and go only with the rise of our consciousness, is left for debate.

Expect the best and be prepared for the worst,


photocredit: The Imaginative Conservative, wikipedia, projecteve

Vlad Ciupitu

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