The Influence of Media on Man – the 21st Century “Man”

warcraft-movie-trailer-anduinFor thousands of years, man has thrived by maintaining his primordial purpose as the only purpose – living the life in all its power and glory.

Up until around 100 years ago, men continued their primordial legacy in being exactly the character that nature had intended for them.

However, in the last 100 years, something strange happened.
In only a century, the spiritual inner fire of man has been dowsed and thus threw man down the slippery slope, changing him dramatically.

Anything that instills drastic changes into a species in such a really short time of 100 years, compared to the tens of thousands of years of evolution, has to be questioned.

The conclusions are never good and as we will see, man has forfeited his manly hood, his virtuous spirit and has succumbed to the slumber induced state of our society.

From Alphas to Betas

vikingsBefore modern society, the majority of men were alphas. The strongest genes were the ones that managed to survive. The weakest ones had no help whatsoever from a society, let alone breed.

Alphas were always challenging the rule-ship of the tribe, thus taking leadership onto their own hands had they succeeded. A beta would never question or challenge any kind of rule ship.

Alphas were a serious threat to the tribal leader, but since manipulation was quite scarce thousands of years ago, they had no choice but to give over their power to whoever was the fittest.

In today’s society, this does not happen anymore.
Governments rule without challenge, and any regimes that eventually do change, are only replaced by different puppets, but with the same puppet masters.

Man has been emasculated, he has become a beta, and in doing so, there are no successful attempts at taking mater into his own hands in order to change his life for the better – in most cases – overthrowing for real a government.

You could call it a conspiracy, but if you wanted absolute power, in a world where any other person could challenge your ruler ship, you would surely devise a plan to secure your continual and perpetual legacy of the throne.

Thus, one of the most powerful weapons to existence is none other than Media.
It comes under different forms but it has only one purpose – manipulation and change – and not for the best.

Pro War Campaigns

War-PropagandaDid you know that after the movie Top Gun was released, a big increase in the number of army recruits was recorded?


I don’t believe in coincidences.

Men have died in wars in order to further the Machiavellian agenda of warmongers.
Simple pawns involved in wars for “freedom” which are simply cover-ups for oil, money, gold and land theft.

At the heart of a spiritual home, stands man as pillar. Take away the men, and families became broken, with lack of education and guidance.
It is then up for women to do the man’s job.

The young boys will grow up without an inspiring manly presence around, and sometimes they will even take the example of their fathers and join the military as well.
They will also die as “heroes” for a “better future”.

Control Sex and you Control Men

filthTake away a man’s ability to perpetuate and pass on his genes, and he will do anything to fight for it. He will become desperate and he will do whatever it takes for him to pass on his genes eventually.

This means to do something which will be considered “worthy” by society, to go to war, to buy expensive gadgets and cars, to make money and to build empires – unfortunately not empires for themselves, but for others, at the expense of man’s dignity.

By controlling the most powerful instinct, the sexual instinct, you will get the perfect puppet.

JanuaryThe advert for the new convertible featured not only the car, but also a hot blonde next to the driver.
Man thinks that if he were to work for years or became the slave to the debt system, he will buy the car and bring into his life a similar girl.
This all gets embedded in his subconscious and it all comes down to whether his wishes, dreams and aspirations are pure and his own, or is he just “Living the Dream?”

Men have been trapped in the vicious circle of career, money and fame for over a century.
The influence of proving oneself worthy in front of the female partner has led to decades of a man’s life to be focused on making money.

While almost all men desire nothing higher than women as long as their basic needs are met, the way they are led to believe that they need to become “worthy” to earn women, causes them to shift their natural priorities.
Success, achievements, and money come first, while enjoying women ends up further down the list.
And it stays there until many males have wasted their youth and stamina, or even died, long before making it a high priority.
It becomes normal for males to spend years studying degrees and working their ass off for a promotion or a qualification without ever flirting or talking to an attractive woman.
It is ridiculous how motivated most males can be, following the belief that women will like them in the end.
The guys in the gym talk about all the women they are going to have after they have bulked up.
After graduation school, they join the army because they heard their best friends on how hot Tom Cruise was in Top Gun.

Even suicide bombers blow themselves up believing it will land them in paradise with 72 virgins as a reward for their actions.

Artists and musicians follow up on this path with the single thought behind their mind that when they will become famous, a world of women will be at their feet.

They do all this and much more because they are motivated by the promise of all the women they will obtain as part of their success.

With money, man thinks that he will buy his way up a girl’s heart and his way down a girl’s pants.

And it does work. At the cost of an actual happy and fruitful life on his part.
Women have also been brainwashed to respond to these stimuli of materialistic objects.

However, the natural basic instinct will always triumph, and as an example – when at ovulation, the woman will procreate with an actual deep down to the core alpha, bad-boy or whatever you like to call him, and then come back home to her provider who is the brainwashed man that thought career and money were the key to a girl’s heart.

How is a Man’s Sexuality Controlled?

gangstersBy promoting the feminist agenda, men have been put down into a corner, and any attempt at a manly behaviour will probably result in a lawsuit.

“I can’t be dominant to my woman, my father wasn’t dominant to my woman. If I don’t obey her commands, she will start screaming, intent divorce and get half of my possessions and our child because the court will side with her”

This is a common concept. Have you ever heard for a woman to pay a man, child support?
No, yet they want equality. It’s a paradox.

Porn. Devoids man of any interest towards his current partner since she can no longer fulfill his sexual “desires” or perversions should I say.
He will thus lose interest and hop into another’s bed in search of that porn experience, an experience which never happens.

Masturbation. Takes away a man’s power, will of life. All the great men have abstained from Onan’s favourite activity.
In today’s society, masturbation is seen as self-exploration, sexual education and actually healthy against prostate cancer which increased exponentially only in recent years (when masturbation triumphed as well).

If a man stops masturbating, his purpose and his strength will return to him and he will achieve actual great accomplishments. Maybe even question the ruler ship of his country :).

Romantic Movies. After seeing thousands of girls crying on how romantic Aston Kutcher was in one of his 20 cheesy romantic movies, men will try to become that very character that Aston Kutcher played.
They will try to tell the girls they love them after their second date, and will buy them expensive gifts after a week of dating.


Have you ever listened to pathetic songs that go on and on about how a guy is crying over some chick, and how miserable he is? How he would do anything for just one more chance?

Have you ever listened to songs in which he cries out that he will change and became anything she wants him to be (and society for a matter of fact)?
No? Well I have: Brandom Flowers – I can change for you

The majority of songs were created from desperation – a man’s drama.
If any man regularly listens to these kind of songs and lyrics, it is just a matter of time before he believes it’s normal to act that way, in a crying baby way.

Still not convinced? What about justin bieber’s song called Baby, in which he says, and I quote:
“Oh, for you I would have done whatever
And I just can’t believe we ain’t together
And I wanna play it cool, but I’m losin` you
I’ll buy you anything, I’ll buy you any ring
And I’m in pieces, baby fix me”

Makes me sick just copying these lyrics onto here – so think about the young boys that have listened to this song over and over whenever they turned on the radio or MTV.
Do you think a manly man would even dare for such thoughts to cross his mind?

swedenFrom fighting with lions, bears and using swords and bows as a daily work object, man has become an office rat with a keyboard and a mouse in his hands, while cowering behind the desk whenever the CEO or manager of the company he is working for starts demanding impossible requests from the emasculated man.

The chain of debt slavery, idiotic brainwashing movies and TV programs as well as Music, have transformed a once proud creature into a hunched version willing to cut off his balls in order to please the external media influences.

Men, wake up!

Vlad Ciupitu

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