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miss universe
“Miss Universe is the ultimate form of egotism in society, spreading ideas of a set ideal standard of beauty, closely being followed by millions of people around the world.”

The manifestation of Ego comes in many forms.

From people boosting that they are intellectuals, and smart to those guys that never hesitate to add their titles such as Dr. Honoris Causa on their foreheads up to their gold plated tomb graves where the title is more prominent than even their names.

But nothing comes closer to the absolute manifestation of Egotism than those that praise their looks.
The reason to why I am writing this article as we speak is just a follow-up on a short video someone sent me today.

It’s the Miss Universe 2015 video on Youtube.

Having seen a video of this competition for the first time, I was shocked to realise the beautiful competitors being in such a state of shock.

With their eyes watering and their whole bodies trembling at the announcement of who is the most beautiful woman in the world, they are really “living the dream” of almost any girl on planet earth, as well as a small percentage of “men” who haven’t yet decided what their sexual orientation is.

It is unfortunate because nowadays, people, especially the young ones tend to feed on what others think of them.
That innocent selfie number #119 of this month is just a request or should I say a plea of begging from others to confirm once again whether they are beautiful or not.
Should the number of likes not cross a certain threshold, we will then have a small drama in the girl’s life.

This is the absolute identification of one’s self with their looks, their bodies. With a temporary and impermanent body.

Get a scar on the face and it’s the end of the world for that person.

You see, when your gratitude and happiness comes from within, no one can take away your state of well-being, no matter what.

There is no chase after external confirmation and appraisal.

This great feeling will always be with you.

Last week, I attended a workshop in which some young dude made a short documentary film in which he was trying to point out that people can live a free and happy life.
Several great researches and musicians were interviewed and they told an interesting story about doing what you like without letting the ego get in the way of your happiness.

Even this young dude who created the documentary talked about letting go of the ego.
However, at an inexperienced age and lack of any real personal achievements, he decided to interview himself in the documentary and basically repeated what the other guys were saying.

This is just an example of hypocrisy at its finest when you preach a philosophy which you copied from somewhere else. It’s easy to then jump into the train of self-affirmation and a position of grandeur by associating yourself with people beyond your league.
Had it been for marketing reasons only, it would have worked. Yet something else pointed towards a big Ego.

He handed in some fliers for us in order to get to know more about him and his “work”.
Every single time his named poped up on the flier (and it was annoyingly often) he never hesitated to add the doctor title (Dr.).
Had we been in a hospital I would see why that would make sense, but taking his PhD. In Engineering, has no value whatsoever in those circumstances.

Coming back to the matter at hand, Miss Universe shows the reality of this world, as cruel as it might be.

It creates a false pretense of what young girls should aspire to become.
From the Barby dolls with perfect bodies to these kind of contests, the youth of our society grow up to be trapped in a superficial world thinking that a worldwide recognition of how beautiful and smart they are is the ultimate experience.
Or how many titles they have acquired will be the ultimate objective of one’s journey on planet earth.

Having answered to the question of “what would you like to be when you grow up”, the young children that have yet to be brainwashed by the Media will sincerely say either farmers, astronauts, doctors or painters.
Yet after several years of constant exposure to the influence of media and other external sources, these same people will reshape their life’s desires towards options such as Models, Actors, Musicians.
It’s all about everything that has to do with appearing in front of crowds of people.

What is the reason behind these newly developed “aspirations”?

Being able to live a life in front of the cameras and in front of millions of viewers will grant you the ability to be cheered.

Being praised and being chanted will feed that little monster inside of you, and the bigger it gets, the more difficult it becomes to control this little monster which is the ego.
This is the perfect place to be in if you want not only recognition from your friends on facebook and Instagram, but recognition from the whole world.

So these are my 2 cents regarding the presence of an ever-growing ego in the world.
These are one of those few things I mention with the aim of showing and presenting to you faults, to understand them well and to not do them 🙂

Gratitude comes from within,


photocredit: quantumleapjourney

Vlad Ciupitu

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