edited-mainToday’s society, as we know it, has been formed on the backs of billions of people’s devotion and hard work.
These same people rarely get the time to actually enjoy the benefits that our civilized society has to offer and continue to remain oblivious to free time, actual leisure and comfort.

But there are several groups of people who for years have struggled to find a way out of contributing to society and to loaf at the first category who nevertheless continue to bring actual value into our world.
These people have decided to exploit the naivety and desperation of the hard working people by selling them false ideas and promises about a way out of the hard work.

We are not talking about bankers and politicians which are, however, the main parasites of our society.

We are talking about lesser parasites. We can call them flees or leeches.

It’s those people you see advertised everyday on your Facebook newsfeeds, where they offer you “the key salvation or solution” to your problems via their coaching programme.
It’s those people that tell a story about how unfortunate and tired of work they were, and how they managed to find “the solution” to get out of the system and become independent.
It’s those people that have found their “inner power” and only via their workshops, will you be able to discover the “secrets” that they have to offer.

Be it coaching or personal development, this new phenomenon which prays on

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