The Biggest Scam of the 21st Century: Life-Coaching, the Entrepreneurial, Personal Development and New Age Phenomenon

edited-mainToday’s society, as we know it, has been formed on the backs of billions of people’s devotion and hard work.
These same people rarely get the time to actually enjoy the benefits that our civilized society has to offer and continue to remain oblivious to free time, actual leisure and comfort.

But there are several groups of people who for years have struggled to find a way out of contributing to society and to loaf at the first category who nevertheless continue to bring actual value into our world.
These people have decided to exploit the naivety and desperation of the hard working people by selling them false ideas and promises about a way out of the hard work.

We are not talking about bankers and politicians which are, however, the main parasites of our society.

We are talking about lesser parasites. We can call them flees or leeches.

It’s those people you see advertised everyday on your Facebook newsfeeds, where they offer you “the key salvation or solution” to your problems via their coaching programme.
It’s those people that tell a story about how unfortunate and tired of work they were, and how they managed to find “the solution” to get out of the system and become independent.
It’s those people that have found their “inner power” and only via their workshops, will you be able to discover the “secrets” that they have to offer.

Be it coaching or personal development, this new phenomenon which prays on people’s greed and tendencies for an easy way out, have fooled tens of thousands of people around the world. They have thus become rich by simply talking about concepts and ideas, by selling packages and workshops which keep the clueless (and hardworking for a matter of fact) clients hooked up for years in a perpetual chain of programmes all destined to offer a better solution every time.

It isn’t long after the line has been drawn that you realise that these self-proclaimed gurus in different areas of activities, have collected large amounts of money without producing anything, and have left the unfortunate consumers with a stupid smile on their face.
A smile which you can tell it’s not their smile, but it’s a smile of the deep subconscious acknowledgement that they’ve wasted time and money on nothing but thin air.
A smile which is borderline to frustration, due to lack of actual results.

1.      The Personal Development Scam

“I can teach you to discover your true inner power”
“The workshop focuses on helping you overcome daily life impasses and obstacles”
“Find your true potential, book now for a journey to yourself”

tonyeditedSounds familiar?
It’s these adverts that cross our eyes every day.
These so called personal development gurus, with certain exceptions of course, realised that surviving in today’s society was not possible without hard work, and so they decided to copy some quotes from ancient Buddhism writings and other ideologies, in order to persuade the unsuspecting fool to join their monthly subscription “help” via e-mail and phone or via never ending expensive conferences.

These conferences are free of charge of course, the only fee you have to contribute with is for the refreshments and the room that they’ve rented – and it’s quite expensive from their point of view.

The free conferences and workshops never offer any true information, not even at least the information that they have copied from elsewhere.
It is just a way of attracting potential gullible clients who will fall for their show with a couple of nice quotes and “words of wisdoms” taken from somewhere else as well.
At the end of the “free conferences”, they will promote their next day workshop which is worth 3000 euros, yet they offer a special discount to the present people for just 79 euros.
It is there where they will present some helpful information.
Information which is easy to google on the internet.

There are also books.
These people have become writers overnight and are willing to further offer you a discount to the current already discounted trilogy books on “How to do …. in 5 easy steps” bullshit.

For you see, everything they sell is at a discount, you are special and if you buy their product no later than next Saturday, you will get a package of 2000 euros worth, with just 179.
The sits are also limited to any workshops that they organize and you should better hurry up because there are only 3 places left, and only you have been offered a discount. The rest go full price.

There are exceptions, as always, but it’s absolutely easy to fall into the trap of throwing away money to people who decided to skip work day and cash in some easy money.

I have been a client to several “gurus” several years ago as well, there is no shame in that.
But I did it out of curiosity.

The second I smelled marketing bullshit and phony attitude from the “public speaker” (as they like to call themselves), was the moment I turned away and never looked back.

2.      The Entrepreneurial Scam

This one is the easiest to fall prey to because it uses your accumulated frustrations towards your boring and repetitive job that you currently have.

While I am a convinced believer that we should all work for ourselves and stop being automatons for corporations, the key to financial freedom and prosperity does not reside within the walls of the workshops and the pages of the books that these people sell.

The concepts behind being an entrepreneur are quite simple to read and understand but really difficult to apply in reality.
So unless you are ready to do it, and have a really great idea and the finances as well, you can attend thousands of workshops and read hundreds of books, yet there will be little to no effect on your progress.

A brilliant man once told me that “If you’ve read 5 books on business, you’ve read them all.” – Robert Ionescu.

Their ELITE workshops and programmes, their new books or new conferences will offer you 98% motivation and almost nothing for practical examples.

I have yet to figure out a business idea that will take me to freedom, but purchasing products from these overnight self-proclaimed gurus on entrepreneurial ideas will not offer me any help.

Generally, these gurus that sell you fantasy stories are nothing more than frauds.
Why? Because they do not have their own actual business going on for themselves.
They are not making money the way they promise that you will after the workshop finishes.
Their business is YOU. They pretend to be experts in business, yet their business is about telling you how to make a business.
It’s crazy, right?

Had they actually accomplished a successful endeavour in business, they wouldn’t have the time to talk nonsense to crowds of people (some actually do, but just to boost their own egos).
I’ve never seen Donald Trump organizing personal entrepreneurial seminars :).

Open your eyes and take a good look around. The street is your best teacher.

3.      The Life-Coaching Scam

The first time I have ever heard the term coaching was in primary school, where I had joined a football team, and thus, we were assigned a coach.

Take this word which conveys a position of power and discipline and start making money.

There are people who offer you the possibility to “coach” your life and help you achieve great results.
While professional movie stars, athletes and singers are truth be told, in need of coaches, I am pretty sure that we, as mortal beings do not require such “privileges” in order to have a good life.

Like vultures over carrions, these frauds dive in to help depressed, weak and insecure people by promising them coaching lessons during which they will identify together personal obstacles that keep them from their true happiness.

They will also offer relation-ship and dating advice and all is at the price of anywhere between 50 to 150 euros per HOUR.

I’ve heard of coaches that offer their services for any marital and relation-ship problems, yet they, themselves, had been divorced 5 times.

It’s a total joke.

But wait, there is more.
There are also coaching schools for coaches.

You heard that right.
One looser will teach another customer on how to become a life coach.

They will proclaim to help your ass, yet they lack personal achievements.

They have nothing to back up their “skills and knowledge”, only some Testimonials (friends in need are friends indeed) and a long list of thousands of clients, all well satisfied, of course.

4.      The New Age Scam

The human race is experiencing formidable changes in the world, due to the increase in energy activities and a collective awakening of the consciousness.

And with great change comes great opportunity for making the big bucks.
If it’s new, it sells.

So you will find all sorts of websites and “spiritual leaders” that promise you divine knowledge – at an absurd price of course.

They will teach you how to harness the law of attraction and bring abundance into your life.

The self-proclaimed spiritual wise men will offer you spiritual guidance in order to help you succeed in different areas of your life which have nothing to do with spirituality in the first place, such as: career, money, sex, seduction, fame etc.

It’s a contradiction to what spirituality and true connection to God means.
They won’t teach you about actions, reactions. About Karma or about oneness with the divine consciousness.

They will use this wonderful gift of enlightenment, which they do not possess, to help you on your way to becoming rich and powerful.

As if the rich people of this planet are spiritual.
If spirituality would bring you fame and possessions, then monks from all over the world would appear on TV while swimming in gold :).

Sex and money sells big time.
Everlasting happiness and inner peace sounds vague and will probably not attract many customers.

Osho or Tolle are just picking up ancient Tibetan concepts and by wrapping some loose ideas into a big and beautiful expensive package, the clueless new-age believers will empty their pockets in hopes that their sex lives will improve and that their bank accounts will flourish.
As if God and the Infinite Energy of Consciousness that exists in an out of time gives a damn about a green paper and fame on planet Earth.

Always remember: if any book on personal and spiritual development is famous, you can almost be sure that it won’t help you bring about the change in yourself and into the world.
It simply won’t happen because becoming the change is the most dangerous state one can have for the consumerist and slave society that we all take part into.
Actual mind opening books will never become famous, and they will remain unheard of.

Only by doing research will you be able to get your hands on actual helpful information.

“Saviours” such as Russel Brand are famous, appear on TV, are quoted on many new age pages and have published books which you can see advertised in the London tube.
Yet Russel Brand was married to Katy Perry (google Katy Perry Illuminati Symbols) and he is now dating the daughter of a Rothschild :).

People which would offer true valuable information would be silenced or never even make over 10 000 views on YouTube, regardless of their great ideas and concepts.
And worst case scenario, they would get killed (see Jesus).

Just a food for thought: Using the miracle that happened 2000 years ago, the catholic church managed to manipulate millions of people by controlling their wealth and freedoms.
This is the biggest example in history which gives legitimacy to the concepts I have just presented to you.

Remember, not everything that swims is a fish and not everything that flies is a bird.


Vlad Ciupitu

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