wolfsheepAs a mere add-on to my previous article, where I had stated my opinion on this new movement scam towards personal development, coaching, new age and business entrepreneurial, I will briefly explain why I think Osho, a spiritual phony, is in my opinion not only a pathetic attempt at spirituality, but it represents a dangerous way of manipulating people and leading them astray from true spirituality, the one not preached by hypocrites and scammers.

Besides the fact that I couldn’t stop laughing whenever I accidentally saw a video of Osho, I was quite shocked at the craze that he managed to envelop into, millions of people.
From his phony posture and way of talking as if he were a Lama or a Zen Master, to his dangerous preaching mixed with truths with lies – there is something totally off about this guy, and even though I said this would be a mere short opinion, it is in my belief that it’s a valuable opportunity to state some obvious facts that will maybe help naïve fools from falling into the trap of Osho the manipulator.

It is no surprise that the 21st century scammers will often mention Osho as an important persona in their “teachings” and

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