Osho – The Agent of Grand Deception, New age and Spiritual Manipulation

wolfsheepAs a mere add-on to my previous article, where I had stated my opinion on this new movement scam towards personal development, coaching, new age and business entrepreneurial, I will briefly explain why I think Osho, a spiritual phony, is in my opinion not only a pathetic attempt at spirituality, but it represents a dangerous way of manipulating people and leading them astray from true spirituality, the one not preached by hypocrites and scammers.

Besides the fact that I couldn’t stop laughing whenever I accidentally saw a video of Osho, I was quite shocked at the craze that he managed to envelop into, millions of people.
From his phony posture and way of talking as if he were a Lama or a Zen Master, to his dangerous preaching mixed with truths with lies – there is something totally off about this guy, and even though I said this would be a mere short opinion, it is in my belief that it’s a valuable opportunity to state some obvious facts that will maybe help naïve fools from falling into the trap of Osho the manipulator.

It is no surprise that the 21st century scammers will often mention Osho as an important persona in their “teachings” and they never hesitate to either quote him or to recommend his books and videos as “help” in one’s evolution.

Osho used to teach something similar to Buddhism yet he was no stranger to wealth and the egoistic behaviour of proclaiming himself as the leader of thousands of people that worshipped him. It is sad that they forgot about worshiping themselves and God in turn.
It is hypocritical to take the power of the Buddhists to get to the hearts of people, yet you bathe in wealth and power, an opposite belief of the Buddhist philosophy.

Osho preaches anti religion yet his “spiritual” club resembled a cult, a sect – a religion!
He fled from America under grave accusations such as being responsible for loss of human lives during his ceremonies and sexual orgies.

He preached that attraction for sex is attraction for God. Yet another truth mixed with loads of lies.
The Communion of the Yin and Yang leads to God, yet sexual depravation, immorality and orgies stray you far from your higher Consciousness and from God.

Osho used to appreciate Hitler, stating something along the lines that “Justice is in the hands of the strongest” and that “Fear and hatred brings people together”.

The untrained in identifying phonies will usually fall into the trap of the marketing and charms of such “teachers”. Buddhism sounds cool and vintage, and combined with a bunch of lies you get a mass of deceived people who will do anything to find something to believe in.
They usually look for these kind of answers in the words of such teachers, yet they should know that the answers are inside.

Spirituality and money do not go hand in hand. Ever.
Spirituality presumes that one will give up material objects and pleasures in favour of divine ones.
Yet “masters”, public speakers, coaches, business entrepreneurs etc will always bring into play either Eckhart Tolle or Osho.
How can this be?
Had these “gurus” really understood the deep and meaningful principles of spirituality and Buddhism they would realise that money has nothing to do with it, and using any sense of spiritual practices to attain material possessions will only lead them towards a deceitful path in their lives.

I am not saying to not work in order to make money or to accomplish things, but it is important to not mix different philosophies for the sake of it, in order to convince your followers that your techniques are “deep”.

Coming back to Osho, he has become a dangerous figure in today’s society and having the New Age agenda being pushed further than ever, we can make no mistake to realise that flocks of clueless and ignorant sheep will surrender to beautiful marketing and the commercial character of his teachings.

photocredit: the310course.com

Vlad Ciupitu

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