The Good Guy vs The Bad Boy


vsediedFrom time immemorial, the war between The Good Guy vs The Bad Guy has raged on.

Since ancient times, the bad boys were always successful and were often the tribal leaders of their community.

They were more physically evolved and would even kill with no remorse any beta male that stood between him and his prize. Bashing their head against a rock and throwing them off a cliff was good sports.

The beta males were however more intellectually advanced and when the right time came, they banded together to create civilized societies with rules and marriage, as a way of stopping the alpha males from spreading their genes on, while the beta males would remain to take care of their child and ex-mating-partner.

Extreme cases of such plans by the beta males can be found in the Muslim countries where women are forced to wear robes over their faces and whipping and stoning to death are the penalties for infidelity – with an alpha male of course.

For the last decade or so, articles, books, communities and genders have dwelled upon the Good Guy vs The Bad Boy concept.

There are few things that still baffle our minds as this concept does because at its deep foundation lies the reason behind success in a society, success with women and the overall success in life.

The Good Guy vs The Bad Boy war has been unfolding right in front of our eyes, a war more spiritually and based on principles than a physical one that is.

It did get physical in ancient times, but higher levels of wars are currently more important nowadays.

The first time I came upon the concept of The Good Guy vs the Bad Boy was 10 years ago when I became interested in the seduction community. It was a time when I wanted to learn more than the average guy next door regarding the interaction between male and female.

It was in David Deangelo’s Attraction Isn’t a Choice – book that I first came upon the term of the Bad Boy.

It went into detail about how women are attracted to a specific behavioural pattern present in these “infamous” bad boys.
A summary of his persona could describe arrogance, a big ego, lack of spirituality and depth and obviously an attitude which would betray them as total jerks and insensitive brutes.

Following the next 10 years of observance and interaction with the world, I managed to realise that all those “flaws” of the bad boy would always come hand in hand with personality traits such as confidence, decisiveness, fearlessness or “the man with the plan” attitude.

The flaws, no matter how big they were would always pale in front of these advantages that these boys presented and would result in weakness in any woman that would come across their lives – and a weakness of the Adductor Muscles of the leg that has the role of keeping legs closed together – function which mysteriously fails when a bad boy is in the area, thus leading to legs being spread and… you know where I am going with this.

The Good Guy however was always the underdog in the earliest ages of his life, during kindergarten all the way up to university.

The characteristics of the Good Guy would be the polar opposite to the bad guy’s persona.
He would exhibit traits that betrayed insecurity, indecisiveness, fear and no plan at all in the playground or at high school parties.

Unlike the bad boy, the good guy’s positive traits of protection, emotional support, kindness, spirituality and a passion for culture and evolution on all plans would always be hindered and hidden beneath the surface of his flaws.

The war started the moment kids interacted with each other, in their earliest ages.

The good guy was bullied and harassed by the confident jerk from his classroom, while running away with the hot girl that probably the good guy had a crush on.

The good guy would always be there for the girl he secretly loved, but could not progress with due to the fact that she would always cry on his shoulder and complain that her boyfriend (the jerk) abuses her mentally (and sometimes physically) and that he treats her like crap.

Yet her pattern of choosing mates would always remain the same.
It would remain the same but only until a certain point.
That point is a critical one and it reverses the roles of success in life and with women between the Good Guy and the Bad Guy.

This point takes place at the stage of transition between immaturity and maturity.
It’s that point when a man becomes independent and starts to actually build his life, his career, his home, his experience and his spirituality and understanding of the world.

It is at the age of 25-26 when he starts to acknowledge that he, as a man, is the pillar of masculine energy women desire and society needs.

The war between The Good Guy vs The Bad Boy continues because now, the bad guy has become the underdog.
He has no stable income, he has no perspectives and his confidence that was based on nothing but pure arrogance becomes like dust in the wind.

It is at this point that the bad guy mops the floors and washes the dishes for the successful good guy that focused on his studies and his spiritual growth.

The bad boy is the one without a plan and for the first time, he takes the place of the good guy from the earliest ages of their lives.

Balance is never achieved because now, the good guy feels power. And as power corrupts, he loses track of what is important in life, and focuses on money and career only.

Their lives are full of females due to the status that they currently boost, however deep down inside, the females still desire the bad boy who couldn’t commit.

The stereotype of the hot gardener or plumber that sleeps around with the wife of the rich guy is true.
The bad boy might have failed at life, but he still turns women on like crazy.

Studies have shown that 1 in 10 children have a different father than their mother’s husband. No one knows this, except the mother. When at ovulation, the mother would “accidentally” slip and mate with the bad boy that sorts the files out at her office or the handyman that uses power tools to refurbish the house, when the husband isn’t around.

So the never-ending war continues.

As in politics, the real winner is never the 2 parties that fight.
It is always the 3rd observing party that interacts with both good and bad guys who wins and follows an agenda.

It is the female agenda.

Always looking for the best option to survive due to her weak body and survival skills, the woman will always stick around the best option available at the time being.

Material needs being of no real concern at a young age, the woman tags along and “suffers” at the hand of the bad guy in order to get her fuel of drama and emotional carousel that he provides. Emotions are the fuel that women live on.

It is the exciting and dangerous life that the bad boy exhibits at a young age that turns her on.
They even go down the line of hypocrisy and get a strange unexplained pleasure when they see good guys being bullied by the bad guy.

That’s because she continues to get a confirmation that she is protected from dangers.

As mental abuses continue, she reaches the age where her priorities shift.
She has to think of a family, of having a baby and of settling down.
Her survival priorities in a modern society have changed to financial support – house, car, holidays and expensive accessories.

The bad boy cannot offer these as he has failed at life.

Then comes into the girl’s play the clueless good guy.
The girl will start hanging around these good guys that now present a high status due to their hard work during their young years in school.

After being ignored, ridiculed and laughed at by the “hot girls” of his tribe, classroom or group of friends, the good guys get into the girl’s attention.

He now has the financial, spiritual and survival skills that she needs in order to further her agenda of safety and comfort.

After years of physical and mental abuse, she has become damaged goods.
Studies have shown that Women absorb DNA from the males that they sleep with.

Not only do they carry around the energies of their partners, but for the people out there that do not believe in energy mombo jambo, there is also a scientific proof regarding this.

The DNA of the bad boys that she has experienced with in different ways during her life time, is now imbedded in her DNA.

The child that the good guy will have with his wife will also contain the genes of the bad boy.

I guess that maybe the sacral act of marriage and maybe abstinence before marriage were there for a reason, and ancient priests that preached this standard knew something more than we were lead to believe.

The real winner coming out of the war between The Good Guy vs The Bad Guy is neither of those two. It’s the prize of the war which takes home the trophy. Ironic?

It could be ironic, but it could also be survival of the fittest playing its card in the shadows.

What is my opinion if you ask me?

For all the good guys and bad guys out there, remember that balance is the key.
Extremes are the elements that lead to this ongoing war where none of you are the real winners.

By practicing a balanced life you will be able to choose the right partner for you, and even if that partner was at one time following his or her agenda, it means that he or she is at that point in life where balance is what he or she is seeking.

As we are all without sins and mistakes in life, it is important that despite all that has been presented in this article, that you should take it all as an essential information and not judge anyone in your life.

It might appear that I am contradicting myself and that the point of the article was to stay away from the people above described.
In fact you should mingle with them and learn from their lives (now with knowledge on the subject) and teach the generations to come that the ongoing war between the good guy and the bad boy is nothing else than a fight of egos.

Vlad Ciupitu

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