ReptilianThroughout the ages, many have wondered what drives a person to do what he does, despite his culture, the way he was brought up or his environment.

Why does a person act against his own believes and against common sense in a society?

We, as humans, are governed by two different parts. It is the instinctual or reptilian part, and then is the rational part.
The reptilian part governs our primal instincts, our instant gratification.

A moment’s pleasure.

Back in the primitive and tribal times, people used to guide their lives towards instant gratification rewards.
They had no fridge, so whatever food they had, they would consume it at that moment.
They had no laws, so if there was anything they liked, they took it.
Had they had the chance to quickly have sex and perpetuate the species. the man would then jump onto the woman and more or less, rape her – to a small degree of satisfaction on her part for being “taken off her feet”.

That’s the part that has to do with being an animal, which humans are.
But humans are also more than that.
Or so I naively think we should be 🙂

Because we are humans and not mere animals, we

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