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We Are Defined by Our Actions, Not Our Words. Instant Gratification

ReptilianThroughout the ages, many have wondered what drives a person to do what he does, despite his culture, the way he was brought up or his environment.

Why does a person act against his own believes and against common sense in a society?

We, as humans, are governed by two different parts. It is the instinctual or reptilian part, and then is the rational part.
The reptilian part governs our primal instincts, our instant gratification.

A moment’s pleasure.

Back in the primitive and tribal times, people used to guide their lives towards instant gratification rewards.
They had no fridge, so whatever food they had, they would consume it at that moment.
They had no laws, so if there was anything they liked, they took it.
Had they had the chance to quickly have sex and perpetuate the species. the man would then jump onto the woman and more or less, rape her – to a small degree of satisfaction on her part for being “taken off her feet”.

That’s the part that has to do with being an animal, which humans are.
But humans are also more than that.
Or so I naively think we should be 🙂

Because we are humans and not mere animals, we

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The Good Guy vs The Bad Boy


vsediedFrom time immemorial, the war between The Good Guy vs The Bad Guy has raged on.

Since ancient times, the bad boys were always successful and were often the tribal leaders of their community.

They were more physically evolved and would even kill with no remorse any beta male that stood between him and his prize. Bashing their head against a rock and throwing them off a cliff was good sports.

The beta males were however more intellectually advanced and when the right time came, they banded together to create civilized societies with rules and marriage, as a way of stopping the alpha males from spreading their genes on, while the beta males would remain to take care of their child and ex-mating-partner.

Extreme cases of such plans by the beta males can be found in the Muslim countries where women are forced to wear robes over their faces and whipping and stoning to death are the penalties for infidelity – with an alpha male of course.

For the last decade or so, articles, books, communities and genders have dwelled upon the Good Guy vs The Bad Boy concept.

There are few things that still baffle our minds as this concept does because at its deep foundation lies the reason behind success in a society, success with women and the overall success in life.

The Good Guy vs The Bad Boy war has been unfolding right in front of our eyes, a war more spiritually and based on principles than a physical one that is.

It did get physical in ancient times, but higher levels of wars are currently more important nowadays.

The first time I came upon the concept of The Good Guy vs the Bad Boy was

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Osho – The Agent of Grand Deception, New age and Spiritual Manipulation

wolfsheepAs a mere add-on to my previous article, where I had stated my opinion on this new movement scam towards personal development, coaching, new age and business entrepreneurial, I will briefly explain why I think Osho, a spiritual phony, is in my opinion not only a pathetic attempt at spirituality, but it represents a dangerous way of manipulating people and leading them astray from true spirituality, the one not preached by hypocrites and scammers.

Besides the fact that I couldn’t stop laughing whenever I accidentally saw a video of Osho, I was quite shocked at the craze that he managed to envelop into, millions of people.
From his phony posture and way of talking as if he were a Lama or a Zen Master, to his dangerous preaching mixed with truths with lies – there is something totally off about this guy, and even though I said this would be a mere short opinion, it is in my belief that it’s a valuable opportunity to state some obvious facts that will maybe help naïve fools from falling into the trap of Osho the manipulator.

It is no surprise that the 21st century scammers will often mention Osho as an important persona in their “teachings” and

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The Communion of Soul Mates – Who, What, When and Where

G_031_AdamGiacomo Casanova said: “Alas for those who think that the pleasure of Venus is worth anything, unless it comes from two hearts which love each other and which are in perfect concord!”

Since the first documented writings of humans, the idea of soul mates has been expressed in various ways and under different forms.

The communion between male and female polarities has always been attributed to great self-awakening and a steep and quick way to spiritual evolution.

They come hand in hand, for you see, via the yin and yang communion the selves become complete.
It is easier to work in a team than to work alone.
The Androgyne represents this very communion of Soul Mates which describes a person of both genders: both female and male.
It is not however the idea presented in today’s world where people tend to change their sexes or where the chemicals and hormones in foods lead to sexual indeterminacy among the population.

The Androgyne myth talks about the female and male polarities becoming one.
Adam was originally a complete man with both female and male polarities.
It is said that God decided to separate these two polarities via the removal of Adam’s rib and create his female counterpart.

It is the duality of spirit and emotions that took birth at the formation of Eve.
Whether it was the true

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The Biggest Scam of the 21st Century: Life-Coaching, the Entrepreneurial, Personal Development and New Age Phenomenon

edited-mainToday’s society, as we know it, has been formed on the backs of billions of people’s devotion and hard work.
These same people rarely get the time to actually enjoy the benefits that our civilized society has to offer and continue to remain oblivious to free time, actual leisure and comfort.

But there are several groups of people who for years have struggled to find a way out of contributing to society and to loaf at the first category who nevertheless continue to bring actual value into our world.
These people have decided to exploit the naivety and desperation of the hard working people by selling them false ideas and promises about a way out of the hard work.

We are not talking about bankers and politicians which are, however, the main parasites of our society.

We are talking about lesser parasites. We can call them flees or leeches.

It’s those people you see advertised everyday on your Facebook newsfeeds, where they offer you “the key salvation or solution” to your problems via their coaching programme.
It’s those people that tell a story about how unfortunate and tired of work they were, and how they managed to find “the solution” to get out of the system and become independent.
It’s those people that have found their “inner power” and only via their workshops, will you be able to discover the “secrets” that they have to offer.

Be it coaching or personal development, this new phenomenon which prays on

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Miss Universe, Miss Ego-Verse

miss universe

“Miss Universe is the ultimate form of egotism in society, spreading ideas of a set ideal standard of beauty, closely being followed by millions of people around the world.”

The manifestation of Ego comes in many forms.

From people boosting that they are intellectuals, and smart to those guys that never hesitate to add their titles such as Dr. Honoris Causa on their foreheads up to their gold plated tomb graves where the title is more prominent than even their names.

But nothing comes closer to the absolute manifestation of Egotism than those that praise their looks.
The reason to why I am writing this article as we speak is just a follow-up on a short video someone sent me today.

It’s the Miss Universe 2015 video on Youtube.

Having seen a video of this competition for the first time, I was shocked to realise the beautiful competitors being in such a state of shock.

With their eyes watering and their whole bodies trembling at the announcement of who is the most beautiful woman in the world, they are really “living the dream” of almost any girl on planet earth, as well as a small percentage of “men” who haven’t yet decided what their sexual orientation is.

It is unfortunate because nowadays, people, especially the young ones tend to feed on what others think of them.
That innocent selfie number #119 of this month is just a request or should I say a plea of begging from others to confirm once again whether they are beautiful or not.
Should the number of likes not cross a certain threshold, we will then have a small drama in the girl’s life.

This is the absolute identification

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The Influence of Media on Man – the 21st Century “Man”

warcraft-movie-trailer-anduinFor thousands of years, man has thrived by maintaining his primordial purpose as the only purpose – living the life in all its power and glory.

Up until around 100 years ago, men continued their primordial legacy in being exactly the character that nature had intended for them.

However, in the last 100 years, something strange happened.
In only a century, the spiritual inner fire of man has been dowsed and thus threw man down the slippery slope, changing him dramatically.

Anything that instills drastic changes into a species in such a really short time of 100 years, compared to the tens of thousands of years of evolution, has to be questioned.

The conclusions are never good and as we will see, man has forfeited his manly hood, his virtuous spirit and has succumbed to the slumber induced state of our society.

From Alphas to Betas

vikingsBefore modern society, the majority of men were alphas. The strongest genes were the ones that managed to survive. The weakest ones had no help whatsoever from a society, let alone breed.

Alphas were always challenging the rule-ship of the tribe, thus taking leadership onto their own hands had they succeeded. A beta would never question or challenge any kind of rule ship.

Alphas were a serious threat to the tribal leader, but since manipulation was quite scarce thousands of years ago, they had no choice but to give over their power to whoever was the fittest.

In today’s society, this does not happen anymore.

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How Will Humans Adjust to Post-Capitalism, a Period of Unlimited Freedom and Leisure in Their Lives?

utopia-main_editedTimes are changing, and with change comes a new perspective for the future.

You can feel it in the air. People are waking up and taking the matter into their own hands.
A new era of freedom, culture and personal prosperity is right around the corner.

But what happens when the human, a creature of habit, is presented with this unlimited freedom and potential?
What challenges will we be subjected to and how will we overcome the fear of change?

Do We Actually Have What it Takes to Break the Cycle and Adjust to Continuous Happiness?

break-the-cycle_editedIt’s been 50 years for Mike, a convict who spent half a decade behind bars.
He had become used to the inmate lifestyle.
He actually started to enjoy it and make no mistake, he would even defend his place, to remain in prison.
But once his sentence is finally over, Mike is thrown outside, in the unknown.
And he finds himself encumbered by this new strange feeling of freedom.

What will he do, where will he go, how will he express his emotions besides fighting, plotting and basic survival?

There won’t be a day without longing to go back behind bars, to the place where he thinks he “belonged”.

Are we scared to break the web of commitment, of slavery, do we know what we would do with such a privilege of freedom?

As we are focused on personal ownership, individuality, money and consumerism we are doing no one any good, except to the capitalism ruler ship which obeys economic growth.

Being free comes with

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Why Do People Get Tattoos?

back_tattoo_editedTattoos have been around for thousands of years, marking the skins of individuals from tribes and ancient civilizations.
Tattoos have made their way up until present, bearing messages and symbols on the skins of millions of people around the modern globe.

But let’s take a closer look at what makes people tattoo themselves and the underlying reasons that push people to “enhance” their bodies.

The Obvious Reasons for Tattoos

aztec_editedAncient cultures used Tattoos not only for their visual benefits but to also transmit a message.
To transmit one’s deed.
One of the first groups of people to „benefit” from tattoos were the convicted criminals who bore witness to their deeds on their face.

You could even consider the Mark of Cain a representation of a tattoo, a sign for one’s transgressions against his brother.

Then tattoos were adopted by castes, families and secret societies.
They represented one’s affiliations and their status as well.

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A History Filled with Sports. The Truth & Agendas behind Sports?

gladiator_editedSince ancient times, the attention of people was trapped in the awe of sports.
From ancient Greece to the Roman Empire, the masses have always jolted whenever a sports event took place.

The Roman citizens had the bare minimum to survive due to the expensive war that was undergoing throughout Europe and not only, by the Roman Empire.

In order to keep the citizens of Rome in check, the Senate offered them blood thirsty games in the Arenas spread throughout the empire.
Not only did they mould the people to cheer whenever someone was executed or tortured in the arenas, but they controlled their very ideas and concepts of life.

Humans are animals of habit.
Some things never change, even in our current times.

Nowadays, we are being bombarded all over the news, TV programs, magazines and adverts with sports.
People tend to forget about their meaning and purpose in life, thus focusing all of their energy and attention on this one big idea of leisure and competition.

It is to no surprize that instead of doing beneficial activities, people end up placing bets, touring the world for their favourite team and spending an enormous amount of time on their couch watching sports on TV.

What are the actual hidden truths and agendas behind this culture also known as sports?

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The Secrets behind a Healthy Diet

human_evolution_forwebThere have always been self-proclaimed gurus in terms in healthy life style and diet experts, which offer all sorts of concepts and “guaranteed” recipes that would offer solutions to a healthy diet.
These “gurus” offer complicated resolves which stir the reader towards an endless vicious circle where they are kept clueless.

That’s because their concepts and ideas are meant to always sell something, like a PDF guide, a diet or a workshop.

The true solutions will never surface their lips and will keep the reader in a constant loop regarding the answer to his problems.
Interview with Your Consciousness will provide you with the answers to a life-style which embeds the concept of living the life the way it was meant to.
It is simple and simplicity always reveals the answers we seek.
The answers were always right in front of our eyes.

Living the Life the Way it was Meant to

Everything is connected.
You can’t be spiritual and expect to have a healthy soul inside a rotting body.
You need to have a healthy body in order to sustain a clean spirit.

A Tibetan lama will never eat processed food nor drink Pepsi.

In a society that promotes fast consumerism and a fast life style, it is paramount to never stop keeping in touch with your primordial life style and diet.
Technologies might have skyrocketed in the last 60 years, but our bodies still function as they did 10 000 years ago.

As with many aspects of our life, our diet should reflect the tendencies that occurred in ancient times for our species.

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Living the Dream


“There is nothing wrong with Living the Dream. But make sure it is your own dream and not someone else’s.” – Vlad

Mankind is slowly achieving great progress in terms of technology, medicine or astronomy.

But what happens when creativity, originality, individuality and spirituality are cast aside, forgotten?

We become robots, no more than mindless drones to the great machine that society is.

We achieve great things in terms of technology but we forget to do what we love, to do what we really like deep down in our hearts. We forget how to be humans.

What is the reason for such a downfall?

Among other various reasons presented on Interview with Your Consciousness, I will show you one of the biggest factors in leading us astray from the path of humanity, love, kindness and connection to the divine.

The Struggle to Live the Dream

What am I actually saying by “living the dream”?
I am referring to the idea that each and everyone one of us wants to live his or her life according to a particular style, in a particular manner and according to the dreams and wishes the person has.

Example: Susan has always dreamed of becoming a successful finance advisor. She has therefore stirred her life towards this type of career and consequently, her friends, her current town, car, apartment, clothes, food and sexual life revolve around this particular dream that she wanted to achieve, or LIVE.
She is working long and late hours, she barely has time for a relation-ship.
For sustenance, she is satisfied with buns for breakfast, 4 coffees a day and some fast-food takeaway.
She wears uncomfortable clothes, drives the latest BMW

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What if You Died Tomorrow?


Death knocking on your door is the ultimate stimulant to make you aware of your true desires, dreams and aspirations which reside deep under the pile of illusions and delusions embedded into your thought and personality.

Freud used to say that there is only one thing for sure in life: death.
There is no way around it.

However, in today’s fast paced life-style that we all experience and take part into, we seem to have forgotten not only true values but we also forgot about DEATH.

Sounds pessimistic? Nothing could be any further from the truth.
It is actually an optimistic view of everything around you if you actually remind yourself of DEATH.

Why is that?

Because once you become aware of the fact that one day you will surely die, you will all of a sudden awaken and realize you have no time to waste before it’s too late.
But what if you died tomorrow? How would you prioritise today?

This same question of what if you died tomorrow is being asked by people who go in for complicated surgeries, who have had a tragic accident or who go to war.

They swear that they will never take life for granted ever again and promise that if they will make it back safe, the first thing they will do is work on life’s priorities.

Given this information that you just read, you are lucky because you do not need to suffer a life threating act in order to realise you should put order into your life.

1.      What is death anyway?

Buddha used to call Death his greatest teacher of them all.

The concept of Death is a great opportunity for you to grow as an individual.

Imagine life without Death. What would you accomplish? How would you go through your never ending life?

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El Camino de Santiago Experience – The Way


Flying to cities and sleeping in hotels gives you a luxurious life-style. Walking your way to cities and sleeping on church floors and hostels gives you depth and an inner journey to yourself.

(Post-Camino) Vlad

There are those few things in life that any man or woman has to absolutely do.
One of those bucket-list experiences has to be without a doubt, The Camino de Santiago experience.

Having returned from this long walk just 2 days ago, I will share with you the powerful experiences and challenges that I faced during my time on the Camino.

The Camino de Santiago experience actually translates from Spanish as the Way / Path to Santiago de Compostela (compostela=field of stars).

After a seriously tough time, mentally, spiritually and professionally, the opportunity to do the Camino presented itself.
I decided to try and see if it would help bring clarity into my mind and receive at least a few answers from the big list of questions I have always pondered on.

Being a guy who preferred direct flights to cities and who enjoyed the luxurious comforts of a hotel, the Camino de Santiago Experience was quite a challenge.

With a 12 kilo backpack, a good friend, sports shoes, a bottle of water and determination I embarked on the trip that would change the way I see life.

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A History Filled with Masonic Signs

MasonsMasonic signs have been waved back and forth throughout history up until modern day times.
You could say that it is just a mere coincidence and nothing else.
That is for you to decide.

At first I was reluctant to consider this article as a Desocializing article since we are all so brainwashed and led to believe that famous people are idols and should be followed, mesmerized by their charismatic actions and figure.
What we don’t know is that we will never see famous people, leaders, generals etc – which are genuinely good. And if it does happen for a genuine person to reach the top for the others to see and follow, he will slowly start being corrupted or a strange accident might end his quick upraise in a disaster.

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