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Osho – The Agent of Grand Deception, New age and Spiritual Manipulation

wolfsheepAs a mere add-on to my previous article, where I had stated my opinion on this new movement scam towards personal development, coaching, new age and business entrepreneurial, I will briefly explain why I think Osho, a spiritual phony, is in my opinion not only a pathetic attempt at spirituality, but it represents a dangerous way of manipulating people and leading them astray from true spirituality, the one not preached by hypocrites and scammers.

Besides the fact that I couldn’t stop laughing whenever I accidentally saw a video of Osho, I was quite shocked at the craze that he managed to envelop into, millions of people.
From his phony posture and way of talking as if he were a Lama or a Zen Master, to his dangerous preaching mixed with truths with lies – there is something totally off about this guy, and even though I said this would be a mere short opinion, it is in my belief that it’s a valuable opportunity to state some obvious facts that will maybe help naïve fools from falling into the trap of Osho the manipulator.

It is no surprise that the 21st century scammers will often mention Osho as an important persona in their “teachings” and

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The Biggest Scam of the 21st Century: Life-Coaching, the Entrepreneurial, Personal Development and New Age Phenomenon

edited-mainToday’s society, as we know it, has been formed on the backs of billions of people’s devotion and hard work.
These same people rarely get the time to actually enjoy the benefits that our civilized society has to offer and continue to remain oblivious to free time, actual leisure and comfort.

But there are several groups of people who for years have struggled to find a way out of contributing to society and to loaf at the first category who nevertheless continue to bring actual value into our world.
These people have decided to exploit the naivety and desperation of the hard working people by selling them false ideas and promises about a way out of the hard work.

We are not talking about bankers and politicians which are, however, the main parasites of our society.

We are talking about lesser parasites. We can call them flees or leeches.

It’s those people you see advertised everyday on your Facebook newsfeeds, where they offer you “the key salvation or solution” to your problems via their coaching programme.
It’s those people that tell a story about how unfortunate and tired of work they were, and how they managed to find “the solution” to get out of the system and become independent.
It’s those people that have found their “inner power” and only via their workshops, will you be able to discover the “secrets” that they have to offer.

Be it coaching or personal development, this new phenomenon which prays on

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Why Do People Get Tattoos?

back_tattoo_editedTattoos have been around for thousands of years, marking the skins of individuals from tribes and ancient civilizations.
Tattoos have made their way up until present, bearing messages and symbols on the skins of millions of people around the modern globe.

But let’s take a closer look at what makes people tattoo themselves and the underlying reasons that push people to “enhance” their bodies.

The Obvious Reasons for Tattoos

aztec_editedAncient cultures used Tattoos not only for their visual benefits but to also transmit a message.
To transmit one’s deed.
One of the first groups of people to „benefit” from tattoos were the convicted criminals who bore witness to their deeds on their face.

You could even consider the Mark of Cain a representation of a tattoo, a sign for one’s transgressions against his brother.

Then tattoos were adopted by castes, families and secret societies.
They represented one’s affiliations and their status as well.

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A History Filled with Sports. The Truth & Agendas behind Sports?

gladiator_editedSince ancient times, the attention of people was trapped in the awe of sports.
From ancient Greece to the Roman Empire, the masses have always jolted whenever a sports event took place.

The Roman citizens had the bare minimum to survive due to the expensive war that was undergoing throughout Europe and not only, by the Roman Empire.

In order to keep the citizens of Rome in check, the Senate offered them blood thirsty games in the Arenas spread throughout the empire.
Not only did they mould the people to cheer whenever someone was executed or tortured in the arenas, but they controlled their very ideas and concepts of life.

Humans are animals of habit.
Some things never change, even in our current times.

Nowadays, we are being bombarded all over the news, TV programs, magazines and adverts with sports.
People tend to forget about their meaning and purpose in life, thus focusing all of their energy and attention on this one big idea of leisure and competition.

It is to no surprize that instead of doing beneficial activities, people end up placing bets, touring the world for their favourite team and spending an enormous amount of time on their couch watching sports on TV.

What are the actual hidden truths and agendas behind this culture also known as sports?

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A History Filled with Masonic Signs

MasonsMasonic signs have been waved back and forth throughout history up until modern day times.
You could say that it is just a mere coincidence and nothing else.
That is for you to decide.

At first I was reluctant to consider this article as a Desocializing article since we are all so brainwashed and led to believe that famous people are idols and should be followed, mesmerized by their charismatic actions and figure.
What we don’t know is that we will never see famous people, leaders, generals etc – which are genuinely good. And if it does happen for a genuine person to reach the top for the others to see and follow, he will slowly start being corrupted or a strange accident might end his quick upraise in a disaster.

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3 Primary Reasons for Dissatisfaction and Unhappiness

depressioneditedI remember a day. The day that I took the decision to move away and give up everything.
Job, girlfriend, friends. Everything.
The following period was a time of Ignorance, Sense of Loss of “my possessions” and eventually hate towards the things I, personally and voluntary, gave up.

The levels of Dissatisfaction and Unhappiness peaked record levels and I soon plunged into the darkness and never-ending abyss of depression.

These negative and conflicting emotions that govern the lives of most of us have long since roamed the lands of earth, created a vicious circle for dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

These 3 poisons, how the Buddhist like to call it, go hand in hand and will do their “best” to bring you down.

The 3 negative emotions I am about to share with you are so common that you are probably being influence by them as you are reading my article. Hell! I am while writing this article.

What happens when one can detach himself from emotions and be the observant? Total bliss happens.

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Desiderata – Or How to Have a Balanced Life

have-a-balanced-lifeMost of us wonder how to have a balanced life.
Life is like a Harp. It is composed of strings hooked up to a frame.
You can think of these strings as the elements that make your life full, complete, just as each string makes the harp a harmonious musical instrument.

You have to tune each of the strings in order to have a harp which sounds harmoniously when you play it.
Same with the important elements in your life. It is extremely important to work on and with the elements which govern your life, if you want to live harmoniously, a soul which sings to you in the most beautiful way possible.

These elements that you plan on tuning can be the following: Relationships, Career, Passions, Hobbies, Money, Friends, Reading, Travelling, Learning, Understanding, Being Spiritual, Thinking outside of the box, Being Aware, Nutrition, Healthy Life&Style etc. You get the point. Some of them are directly presented on Interview with Your Consciousness.

If you want to have a balanced life

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All I Am Is A Cacophony of Memetic Engineering

engineerfacebookEverything that composes that which I believe myself to be;
a cacophony of memetic imagery;
archetypes, conditioning, programming;
of words, utterances and sounds;
vibrations and frequencies;
a dazzling array of hues and variations of light –
All of these things are distractions;
A lotus eater machine designed to capture my attention;
stealing my focus away towards some grand, fascinating illusion.

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The Spiritual Path in Modern Times


What did the Dalai Lama say to the New York hot dog vendor?
“Make me one with everything.”

In a world where every second counts in order to either make money, consume something or stare at your phone, you find yourself wondering what is all of this for? Is this true happiness or am I just painting a rotten wall for the time being?

How many of you have ever wondered what does it take to attain a certain state which grants you constant and deep happiness, makes you less prone to outside suffering and allows you to realise we are all part of something bigger?

Many dwell on the perfect situation where they can start living the life the way it was meant to. The life which follows the spiritual path.

However, we all live in a perpetual active world around us where things always poke at us and take all of our time.
This would surely make one beg the question:

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Contemplation: To Procreate or Not?

2_edited_22111Some might say that the current state of mother Earth and the path that the human race is following are connected at a symbiotic level since our actions, be it bad or good, have a direct influence on our home.

During the last hundred years, the natural order of things has been violated by man.
For thousands of years, the simplistic way of life of homo sapiens has allowed nature to remain balanced. Only the fittest survived thus allowing the better genes to pass on. Only the strongest and smartest survived in the harsh environments and allowed for families to continue their genes up to our present day.

Only the fittest and strongest were allowed to mate with a female, be it

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