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The Secrets behind a Healthy Diet

human_evolution_forwebThere have always been self-proclaimed gurus in terms in healthy life style and diet experts, which offer all sorts of concepts and “guaranteed” recipes that would offer solutions to a healthy diet.
These “gurus” offer complicated resolves which stir the reader towards an endless vicious circle where they are kept clueless.

That’s because their concepts and ideas are meant to always sell something, like a PDF guide, a diet or a workshop.

The true solutions will never surface their lips and will keep the reader in a constant loop regarding the answer to his problems.
Interview with Your Consciousness will provide you with the answers to a life-style which embeds the concept of living the life the way it was meant to.
It is simple and simplicity always reveals the answers we seek.
The answers were always right in front of our eyes.

Living the Life the Way it was Meant to

Everything is connected.
You can’t be spiritual and expect to have a healthy soul inside a rotting body.
You need to have a healthy body in order to sustain a clean spirit.

A Tibetan lama will never eat processed food nor drink Pepsi.

In a society that promotes fast consumerism and a fast life style, it is paramount to never stop keeping in touch with your primordial life style and diet.
Technologies might have skyrocketed in the last 60 years, but our bodies still function as they did 10 000 years ago.

As with many aspects of our life, our diet should reflect the tendencies that occurred in ancient times for our species.

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The best 3 activities that will dramatically improve your emotional state, mental abilities and state of being

DSC06321-edited7These 3 simple activities which might seem to be common and basic stuff, are most often, if not always, disregarded as not important, however the effects generated by these simple activities will have an impact on yourself, even though, as any rewarding activity, requires patience and will power from your side.

Without any further ado, I give you:

1. Start reading

Nothing is more helpful in today’s society than reading.

Many people see this activity as a snob’s hobby, not knowing the fact that it is essential for your growth and understanding on how the world revolves. Around you.

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Introduction to Nutrition, Life&Style

paleodiet 201566If you had a look over the Desocializing introduction you might have noticed that in order to find answers to some of our questions we should sometimes relate to how the life style was 10 000 or 30 000 years ago.

People and physicians keep saying that we have evolved since ancient times and that new rules to our lifestyle and to our day to day routines should apply. They could not be any further from the truth.

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